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INTERROGATION - You asked, now I'm answering (Part 4)

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Stuttering Shell: INTERROGATION - You asked, now I'm answering (Part 4)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

INTERROGATION - You asked, now I'm answering (Part 4)

Sorry for the delay...I forgot (gasp!) that I had more questions to answer!! I'm so sorry! My life has been kind of hectic lately and, now that we have a wee pup in the house, I'm sleep deprived even more so than I normally am.

I know, I know...excuses, excuses...but anyways...

Becca said, "oh, wow this is a toughie. but, it does sound like a great opportunity for getting post ideas. hmmm i may steal this one. since college is our connection, i'll go with one about college. and, i will preface it with i doubt the answer will include me, but since i got my reunion pic in the mail a few days ago this sort of thing is on my mind. what is your fave college memory?"

Good question, Becca!

My friend, Becca {go check out her blog, One Day at a Time}, and I went to the same college - Mary Washington College - of course, now it's known as the University of Mary Washington. The college is named - as if you didn't know - after George Washington's madre. Yep. Ferry Farm, you know, where he "will not tell a lie" after chopping down the cherry tree is not far from the school. Anywho...

My favorite college memory...this is a hard one because I didn't have the "typical" college least not in my opinion. First of all, I was on the 5-year plan. Of course, upon graduating from high school that was not my original plan, but that's how things wound up being. I mean, during my five years in college I managed to do fairly well during my freshman year, transfer to a different school my sophomore year, drop out of school during that same year only to return to school where I originally started...and then nearly flunk out of school during my first semester back. Whew. Oh, and sometime during all of that I changed my major, but only twice.

I had some fun times with Becca...I met her during freshman year. We lived in the same dorm - Virginia Hall - with a gazillion other girls. She and I reconnected when I came back to the Wash after my stint at Old Dominion University. I remember during Junior Ring Week I poured sand on her bed. It wasn't nice, but Junior Ring Week wasn't nice. She and I fish sat for each other, too. We took a fun trip to Charlottesville to visit my sister who was at school at the University of Virginia. Here is evidence of that trip (and, yes, I do have a tendency to act stupid in front of the camera):

Becca's a dear me, she had to put up with me!!

Another good, fun memory is the trip I took to Lancaster, PA with my senior seminar class. I majored in Geography, so we were in Lancaster to walk the landscape, take in the sights, mingle with the people and write about what we saw. It was a fun weekend. Of course, getting drunk & running through a corn field in the middle of the night was probably why. Thank goodness greasy eats the next morning at the restaurant near the hotel provided some salvation from the hangovers we all had. Besides, it was just neat pulling into a restaurant where horse & buggies were parked outside.

Tomorrow...I'll answer yet another question!! Stay tuned...

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Blogger Katie said...

I changed colleges and switched majors (multiple times!) too. There's nothing wrong with doing it "the extended way." ha ha!

Aug 11, 2009, 11:53:00 AM  
Blogger becca greene said...

wow can't believe you posted that pic after all the grief you gave me about it on facebook. jk. that trip was good times. i remember we got jelly bellies which always make me happy. and yes i remember the sand and have pics of the orange craft sand all over my lime green sheets. who was it who fishnapped my betta over junior ring week? and, it was quite an honor that i got to help naming all the bettas. putting up with you was nothing. we always had a blast. too bad we never had any classes together. i missed you terribly when you were gone from mary wash and was pysched when you came back and i was lucky enough to have you living just down the hall from me. you helped me maintain my sanity especially when it came to men, made the best ever mix tape which i wish i still had, always made me laugh even if it was by taking silly pics.

Aug 12, 2009, 1:31:00 AM  

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