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Stuttering Shell: love.

Friday, May 21, 2010


The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series

{play along, please! visit summer's blog for the 'it's friday, i'm in love' series.}

i've been dark & twisty meredith grey {and, no, i haven't watched the season finale yet. twitter just about killed me with the spoiler alerts. i kinda gave up on the season early on, but i guess i need to get caught up and watch it. but, i digress...}.

dark & twisty isn't much fun.  especially because dark & twisty likes to sneak up on you and then wallop you over the head.  seriously.  have you ever noticed how fast a bad mood comes on?  pretty scary stuff.

{spooky pic, huh? i found it here.}

dark & twisty.  that's been my thing for a while.  a long while.  it's going to take time.  there's gonna be one hell of a healing process.  the uncertainty.  the worry.  asking why & what if.

i've got to move on.  i owe it to myself because, while i might own sixty gazillion black shirts, dark & twisty just isn't my thing.  no sir.  especially not when i have so much to be thankful for, so much to look forward to and so much to be proud of.
{saying found here}

so what am i in lve with this friday?

lots of things.

my man.  my hard, hard, HARD working man.
my kiddos.
my kitty cats.
my pup.
my dirty, squeaky car.
the roof over my head.
a full belly.
clean water to drink & hot water to bathe in.
this computer.
internet access.
my blog.  without it, i would have never 'met' you.
my job. it's not what i really want to be doing, but it's paying the bills.
the fact that we've knocked down our credit card debt by two-thirds in 3.5 years.
vanilla bean ice cream with mini semi-sweet chocolate chips sprinkled on top.
pedicured toes.
freshly colored hair {i've got gray, y'all}.

there's a lot to be thankful for, but i'm especially thankful, grateful and oh, so in lve with the fact that i've got hope.

{the inspiration is from here}

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