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Stuttering Shell: did i shave my legs for that?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

did i shave my legs for that?

{because i really did shave my legs the night before earl was supposed to arrive...ha ha ha!}

speaking of earl, he came & went.  it rained - sideways.  the wind blew - hard.  and, that was it.  our power didn't go out.  our trees didn't fall.  hell, they didn't even drop any limbs.  i think our grass grew another six inches because of the rain, but the point is - we got lucky.

unfortunately, our weekend plans to camp on ocracoke island were cancelled thanks to earl.  even though hatteras & ocracoke islands were open to visitors again on saturday morning, we opted to stay close to home.  we went to sandbridge on saturday & sunday.  saturday's beach trip was a big deal because we spent all. day. long. on the seashore with friends.  there were some drunken shenanigans {because there's always one person who has to be that dude, if you know what i mean}.  after the beach, we feasted on blue crabs & chit-chatted late into the night. 

{a pic taken by moi of a blue crab at oregon inlet, nc a few years ago.}

sunday's beach trip was more quiet & subdued.  it was also so relaxing that i fell asleep - face first - on a towel for a good hour {thank goodness for spf 50!}.  we also treated the kids to some she-crab soup from margie & ray's again.

it seems like the weekend went by quickly because before we knew it, it was monday.  labor day.  adam had the day off & spent his morning mowing the weeds lawn.  while he took care of the house, i went grocery shopping & did many loads of laundry and got the kids ready for their first day of school...

{to be continued}



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