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Stuttering Shell: yay, it's monday! {and other random b.s.}

Monday, August 22, 2011

yay, it's monday! {and other random b.s.}

mondays suck. weekend fun is over & it's back to the grind. even my dogs hate monday. really, they do.

we had a fairly busy, pretty a-w-e-s-o-m-e weekend if i do say so myself.

on friday evening, we drove to williamsburg to meet my parents at great wolf lodge.

{picture via}
this was aidan's favorite ride. adam loved it, too.

the kids had a blast. i'm pretty sure adam & my father did, too. as for me & my mother? we hit the outlets on saturday morning. a good time was had by all. i probably should have taken a gazillion pictures of the kids having fun, but i didn't.

my parents came home with us on saturday afternoon & treated us to dinner. as per malia's usual, we ate pho at vietnam garden. one of these days, i'm going to make pho at home using my friend, vy's, amazing recipe. after dinner, we visited with friends {who are going to break up with us if we keep breaking stuff at their house - long story short: the electricity went out, adam went to get the kids, he tripped while climbing over a baby gate & broke the gate}.

sunday was fantasy football draft day {a.k.a. a mini reunion}. lots of good food & many cans of bud light were consumed. friends came from as far away as missouri & michigan for the event! i'm telling you - fantasy draft day is a big deal. this year, i think there were more wives & kids there than there were people in the league. good times, good times.

{picture via}
as if there was any question about who adam roots for...

this is my last week of summer vacation. my classes begin a week from tuesday. i'm looking forward to heading back. oh, who in the hell am i kidding? i'm not. 

we're supposed to have a cookout this weekend. notice that i said supposed to? i've got my eye on this bad mamma-jamma:

{picture via}

while the weather geek in me is uber excited that there's a storm to follow, track, talk about, etc., the party planner in me is absolutely frustrated that the possibility of a category three hurricane just might ruin our weekend plans. i suppose i could look at things on the bright side: if we do get {indirectly} hit, at least i won't have to clean or prep for a cookout! for now, i've got my eye on irene and her party-crushing {not crashing} ways.

the kids & i took frisco to the vet this the spca. i love our current vet, but damn if they don't charge me an arm, leg AND my first-born child every time i see them. tough times being what they are, i contacted the spca who runs a low-cost clinic & they were more than happy to see us. frisco got a clean bill of health. unfortunately, while we were there, a woman was having her nine year old dog put down because she was no longer able to keep him. definitely NOT what i wanted my children to hear. definitely NOT what i wanted to have to talk about with my kids. my heart aches for that woman {& her dog}.

{blurry. frisco was not cooperating.}

speaking of my pups, we boarded them for the first time ever this past weekend. they only stayed one night, but i missed them like crazy! we found an awesome {cage-free} boarding facility not far from home. frisco & buxton had a blast and they got to hang out with a bunch of new {boston terrier} friends: wonder my boys had issues getting up this morning. even they were worn out from their busy weekend!

how was your weekend??

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Blogger Heather said...

Oh my gosh! They remind me of my Boston so much. Crazy, crazy. Looks like they had a blast though! No wonder they slept for so long!

Aug 23, 2011, 8:01:00 AM  
Anonymous MommaKiss said...

my weekend was nutty. We were in the car, at the horse track, in the car again.
Love the great woods water park! WE started a tradition last year to go the day after Thanksgiving. Woo!!

(mommakiss - blogger hates me )

Aug 23, 2011, 1:44:00 PM  

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