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Stuttering Shell: You are aware of the cost, right?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

You are aware of the cost, right?


I wasn't.

Aidan had an appointment with the dermatologist on Wednesday to discuss the molluscum (or is it mollusca if it's more than one??) on his back. It's nothing nasty or's just something kids get. It's a viral thing and it's related to the wart family and it has just been a pain in our rear ends for quite some time now.

The Differin that our pediatrician gave us to use wasn't was just irritating his already sensitive skin. So, after seeing my dermatologist, Aidan was given a prescription for Alavera...or is it's NOT Aloe Vera. Apparently it's a new cream and it's suppose to work like a charm.

I took the prescription to Wal-Mart last night on the way home from work and went back today to pick it up (our Wal-Mart pharmacy is swamped...'tis the season!). I was expecting to have maybe a $20 co-pay...$40 tops. Well, whenever anyone asks you if you are aware of the cost you know that the next sentence isn't going to be good.


I wasn't aware of the cost...all $105 of it. Yes. One hundred and five dollars. One. Oh. Five. For some cream. Cream that is in single-use packets. Aidan's prescription is for double the usual dose of 12 "caplets." That's a lot of money for some cream. A lot.

I didn't get it. I called Adam and he said to go for it, but I opted to call our insurance company for a list of the different drug tiers (the pharmacist called it something else but I don't remember the actual term she used). I plan on calling our insurance tomorrow and then I'll call the dermatologists office to see if there is an alternate cream/medication Aidan can use that won't be so tough on the wallet. If all else fails, then we'll take a holistic approach (which maybe we should have in the first place) and head to the Heritage store for some natural remedy.

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