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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy birthday, Spencer!

In 2002, shortly after I moved back to the area, I met a girl who would turn out to be my best friend -- Angie. We "met" online at a "young moms" forum. We found out we both lived in Virginia Beach and that we actually worked up the street from one another. We agreed that we would get together and officially meet in person one day. That day happened just weeks after she lost her son, Spencer. His birthday is tomorrow, February 11th, and he would have been seven years old.

I truly feel that Spencer had a role in creating a bond in mine & Angie's friendship that has lasted over the years and despite living miles apart from one another. He is a guardian angel looking down on his family and his two brothers and I believe with my whole heart that he's looking out for my family as well (just months after we met, Angie and I found out that we were both pregnant with our sons, Jeston & Aidan). He's a special boy who was asked to live in eternal paradise with the Lord.

Tomorrow isn't going to be easy for Angie. February 11th has never been will never be easy. But, I know that her unwaivering faith in the Lord and the strength of her family will help pull her through.

Angie -- I love you.

Happy birthday sweet boy!

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