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Stuttering Shell: The month so far and then some:

Friday, February 13, 2009

The month so far and then some:

  • Bartending for a room full of men who hunt is always fun. Strong drinks = big tips.
  • Six 12-packs of beer for free = NICE!
  • It really IS flattering to be told that you have nice "hind parts" by a man you don't really know.
  • It's even nicer when the man who told you you have nice "hind parts" slips an extra $20 in the tip jar.
  • Driving alone - at night - through rural areas is quite nerve wracking.
  • Seeing family you don't see too often makes you miss them even more.
  • Fondue really is fun! But, you have to pace yourself or you'll never make it to the chocolate course.
  • Who knew that drinking three bottles of wine would get you a FREE fourth bottle?
  • Waking up at the crack of dawn on the weekend is just plain wrong.
  • The kids really, really, REALLY like strawberries & blueberries.
  • Surprises really aren't that bad...especially when they are in the form of a free vacation.
  • Being busy at work is a good thing -- and it makes the week go by fast.
  • Apparently this blog pisses some people off -- get over it.
  • Being petty isn't petty if it's being petty for the right petty reasons.
  • Thinking about formal dresses brings back flashbacks of prom in high school -- it's unnecessary stress.
  • Husbands really don't pay attention all that well...sometimes.
  • Rushing a tux when it doesn't need to be rushed - DOH!
  • Trips to Wal-Mart need to not be so frequent.
  • I love my "hippie bags."
  • It really sucks to cancel a planned vacation only to find out that the airfare is cheap. STUPID cheap.
  • My ends aren't split...they're just really dry (like everything else on my body).
  • Chicken Teriyaki three times in one week. Really? Yes.
  • Burning natural gas doesn't smell the same as leaking natural gas. So my sniffer is a bit off, sue me.
  • I'm good at rolling my eyes.
  • Spa appointments don't happen often enough.
  • Fights between friends often result in a better friendship.
  • My boss is cooler than yours -- she blogs. So there!
  • These dogs are barking -- that goodness for that above mentioned spa appointment.
  • Seven years of marital soon as the 23rd rolls around.
  • The possibility of snowing on a snowless snow day make-up day makes me giggle.

It's hard to believe we're nearly halfway through with February. Where does the time go?

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Blogger becca greene said...

i find it hard to believe that anyone could be pissed off at your blog. you do make me miss bartending.

Feb 13, 2009, 5:23:00 PM  
Blogger E said...

I'm new to your blog, but this list makes me think I'm going to like it here. Can't wait to read more!

Feb 16, 2009, 12:11:00 PM  
Blogger Shell said...

Becca -- you would be amazed.

E -- welcome and thanks! I hope you like it here, too!

Feb 16, 2009, 12:52:00 PM  

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