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Friday, August 14, 2009

Cheese & Whine

We met my parents at Cheddar's in Newport News last night. My lovely Malia was finally coming home {she swore it was because she missed her brother, but I believe it was Frisco she was secretly longing for}. By the time we got there - thanks to the oh, so lovely traffic in the Hampton Roads area - we made it just in time to find that my parents were pretty much finished with dinner.

No worries, though...

Well, maybe not for Aidan. The boy wanted mac & cheese. If the boy could eat mac & cheese everyday, HE WOULD. Seriously. No lie. And, you would assume {and you know what they say about doing that} that a family-type restaurant like Cheddar's would have mac & cheese on the menu for the 10 & under set. Nope. Again, seriously. No lie.

Can I just tell you that the 'mommy meltdown' I had yesterday after dinner was very much deserved & worth every darn tear that I shed in the car {as I chewed out my husband because, unfortunately, he becomes my punching bag every now & again...but, he did tick me off last night, too, so it was well-deserved}?! Any mother who has tried to eat dinner while listening to a child whine about cheese-covered pasta & then gets kicked in the gut because the whining child is throwing a tantrum because there IS no such pasta can probably sympathize.

So, guess what I'm having for dinner tonight {before I head to my book club meeting}? Yep. You guessed leftovers from dinner last night because I never ate it all. After two bites of Dijon Chicken I finally carried my guy outside, wagged my finger in front of his face, wiped tears from his eyes and loaded him in the car.

Next time, I'm bringing my own stash of mac & cheese.

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Blogger Katie said...

Very sorry to hear about your evening being messed up. I agree that a restaurant (especially one named Cheddars!) should have mac and cheese for kids. I say definitely bring your own next time!

Aug 15, 2009, 1:54:00 PM  
Blogger ...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

No fun! You would think with a name like that they would have mac & cheese...weird!

Aug 17, 2009, 1:05:00 PM  

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