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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

then & now.

{frisco then. august 2009.}

{frisco now. may 2010.}

he's dropping fur all over the house.  he is king of the s.b.d.*  he likes to snack on baby carrots.  he scratches on my back when he wants under the covers.  he loves to play with ziggy, one of our kitties.  he gives kisses every chance he gets. 

he gave us quite a scare.  but he's healthy.  he's quick.  he's a snuggler.  he's a lover.  he's our buddy.  he keeps us on our toes.  he keeps us happy. 

we were once a three cat family.  now we're a three cat family plus one dog.

*silent, but deadly toots...boy, oh, boy are they stanky!

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