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{semi} wordless wednesday: katydid it.

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Stuttering Shell: {semi} wordless wednesday: katydid it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

{semi} wordless wednesday: katydid it.

i don't want to disappoint, but i think this will be the last set of bug pictures i post for a while. why? well, i'm lazy & not interested in scouring my backyard for another insect to photograph. besides, i'm sure y'all want to see pictures of things like the beach, the pups & various other shenanigans that may {or may not} take place at mi casa. no? well, whatever.

so, here is my latest installment for {semi} wordless - yet bug filled - wednesday. i'm not sure what kind of katydid this is, but it is indeed a katydid.

i harassed the hell out of this katydid. out of the 23 pictures i took {yes, 23!} there were only three that were fit for sharing. of course, i should consider myself lucky because had i not been watering the butterfly bush i would have never known there was a katydid hanging out on the plant. of course, had i not been hosing the plant down with water then the katydid would not have flown from one side of it to another...only to walk towards the center of the plant where i couldn't get a good shot of it. silly bug.

anyways. enjoy...because this is it for the bug pictures. well, unless i find where those swallowtail larva went.

speaking of pictures, i've received many lovely compliments about my pictures. thanks, y'all! seriously, the feedback i'm getting is amazing. i'm not blessed with photography skills nor do i use a fancy camera. many of you have asked what kind of camera i am using. believe it or not, i'm using a digital point & shoot that has dslr tendencies. my camera is a "tweener" because it IS a point & shoot, but it also features manual settings, too. it also looks like a little wanna be dslr.

i was once a kodak girl, but back in february i treated myself to a new camera made by panasonic {i bought my camera from qvc...surprise, surprise}. the fz40 is my favorite toy. i'm still learning how to use it. for every great picture i take, there are about 15 or more crummy shots. but, overall, i am in love with this camera.

p.s. tomorrow i'm guest posting on my friend rachel's blog.

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Blogger the workaholic momma said...

Your pics are a-mazing and I love those little bugs they are so cool!!! Hope you're having a wonderful week:)

Ohh...and sorry I didn't respond to your dairy question - but yes, we love them!!! Actually put a coupon for free delivery for 6 months and a free cooler in my recycle bin - I can dig it out if you want??

Jul 27, 2011, 10:10:00 AM  
Blogger Katy said...

Katydids are obviously my "most favorite" bugs!

I have only come across them a handful of times in my entire lifetime and I have already seen two this past week: one in North Carolina while on vacation and one in South Carolina at my aunt's house.

Jul 27, 2011, 9:44:00 PM  

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