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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ten reasons why you would want to visit virginia beach.

so, i may be a little biased about virginia beach. why? because i live here. the navy brought my family here {from hawaii!} back in 1986. i basically grew up here. i graduated from high school here. i met my husband here. i am raising my family here.

this area - my area - of southeastern virginia is an amazing location filled with all kinds of things to do. this is an area that thrives from the tourism industry & is super proud of our military. virginia beach is the most populous independent city in the commonwealth of virginia {it's also the 39th largest city in the u.s. according to the 2010 census} and there is plenty to do when you're is my list:

  • surf, sun, sand - some locals may say that virginia beach has no waves, but that doesn't stop people from taking their surfboards & body boards out into the atlantic ocean on a daily basis! virginia beach is flanked by the chesapeake bay to the north & the atlantic ocean to the east. there is plenty of coastline for you to set your beach chair & umbrella. my family's favorite beach spot? sandbridge.

  • sightseeing...on the water - where else can you book a tour to go dolphin or whale watching? if you're really lucky, you will see dolphins riding waves while at the beach. if you're really lucky, you'll see a whale breach the water while at the beach {trust me, this is rare, but we did see a whale on father's day 2010}. if you're too impatient to sit on the beach & wait for dolphins or whales, then book a trip with rudee tours. our local sciene museum - virginia aquarium - also offers boat excursions.
  • deep sea fishing - if dolphin & whale watching isn't your thing, don't worry. there are plenty of charter boat companies that offer some of the best fishing the east coast has to offer whether you're out by the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel or out by the gulf stream. you can catch anything from spade fish to big eye tuna!
{a really bad cell phone picture of the spade fish my husband caught a couple summer's ago}
  • seafood, seafood, seafood - if you are in virginia beach, you HAVE to eat seafood. i know, i know, there are people who are either allergic or don't enjoy it. don't worry, there's plenty of food for you to choose from. BUT, if you are a die hard seafood fan, virginia beach is a great place to chow down. seafood restaurants are plentiful and be sure to feast on blue crabs & oysters...both native to the area. my family's favorite seafood spot? margie & ray's.
  • jet noise - virginia beach - and, quite frankly, the entire hampton roads area - loves the military. a large part of this area's population is made up of military families and the area is home to one of the largest naval bases. virginia beach is home to oceana naval air station and, every year, the blue angels come to visit as part of the air show. it's a loud, but fun time!
  • amusements galore - ocean's not just that refreshing blast of cool air you feel coming off the water, it's also a water park conveniently located minutes from the oceanfront. it's fun for the whole family. and, when you dry off, you can also check out motorworld & shipwreck golf. there are also amusement rides & miniature golf places scattered throughout the oceanfront. my family's favorite miniature golf location? jungle golf.
  • something for everyone - do you want to golf? you can golf. do you want to shop? you can shop. do you want to hike? you can hike. do you want to kayak? you can kayak. there is so much to see & do in virginia beach. trust me.

my list of ten barely covers all that there is to see & do while visiting virginia beach.  the area is filled with sights, sounds, smells & tastes that will entice people of all ages.  visit us once and you'll fall in love. promise. 

disclaimer: i wrote this blog post while participating in the socialmoms & virginia beach tourism blogging program for a gift card worth $40. for more information on how you can participate, click here.

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Sounds great!

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