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Stuttering Shell: tuesday.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011



it's only tuesday. i'm really longing for the weekend again. i don't know why...i just am.

my weekend was a blur. a fun blur.

as per usual, i was at the beach:

our goal for saturday morning was to crab for the cookout we were having on sunday afternoon. um, with the water as rough as it was, it was not a very successful day for crabbing. thank goodness for nathan's hot dogs & frozen hamburgers!

there were, however, other crabs out in full force on the beach...sandfiddlers! i had fun taking pictures of them. they are fascinating to watch {okay, maybe it's just me} as they dig their holes & scurry from the approaching tide.

our weekend was filled with family. we hung out at adam's mom's house on saturday night. the kids enjoyed going swimming at grandma's. on sunday, adam's aunts & uncle as well as good family friends came over for a late afternoon cookout. it was a great time.

sadly, i'm covered in mosquito bites. i guess that's what you get for playing cornhole in the grass after it rained {what seemed like} all of last week.

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Blogger Lee-Ann said...

Those crabs looks so cool! Can you tell I don't live near a beach, lol. I'm amazed by your crabs and moon jellies!

Jul 12, 2011, 12:17:00 PM  

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