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Friday, July 29, 2011

that's so random.

i'm going to walk away from my blog - and probably twitter & facebook, too - for the weekend. i need a break. i need to focus on me. i need to enjoy my family. ha! who am i kidding? it's just going to be a crazy, busy weekend. like i would have time to sit on the computer for hours on end {something i may or may not do on a regular basis}.

before i go, how about some randoms from my head, bullet style. yes? well, alrighty then.

  • i feel like a jerk. i wrote a guest post for a friend & in that post i talked about how being in your thirties means you're a legit grown up...for real, for real. well, here i am at age thirty-three...and i still rely on my parents. a lot.  it's not a bad thing. i'm grateful for everything that they do. and, let's just put it out there right now, i'm not irresponsible or anything, but my parents do help me out in SO many ways. my goal is to do the same for my own children.
  • i really want to share with you all my family's struggles from the last couple of years. but, part of me doesn't want to. once upon a time i had a private blog. a few of you read it. some of you know what we've been going through. and, of course, there are some people out there who are just too judgy-judgy which is why i am not certain i want to open that particular window to my soul {again}. but, i'll say this: a sperm donor and a father are two completely different things. oh, and i'll also say this: i'm very glad my husband doesn't have his father's last name. thankyoubabyjesusamen.
  • the job i didn't get? i get it. pushing two kids out of your cooter doesn't make you an expert on children. i think we can all agree on that, right? it frustrates me, though. i find myself questioning my ability and my decision for working on a masters degree in education. but, of course, the whole reason i'm working on this degree is to make more {much more} than minimum i suppose being turned down for that job was really a blessing in disguise. at least i have substitute teaching to look forward to in the fall.
ugh, enough of that mopey shit. 
  • the hubs & i went to see 311 last night. we also saw sublime...barely. had it not been for a groupon special {two reserved seat tickets for $30} we would not have gone to the show. sista girl can't afford paying more than a $5 cover charge for live music these days. 
  • buxton lifts his leg to pee. such a shining dog mom moment, eh? my little pup is on his way to becoming a man-dog. well, until we get him neutered, that is. 
  • remember how i said it is going to be a crazy, busy weekend? well, it is. i have a baby shower to attend tomorrow as well as a birthday dinner. we're also going to the beach & working on the yard. i'm tired just thinking about it all. 
  • shoot, just about every weekend until the beginning of school will be busy. we've go so much going on.
  • our garden {which is very much pesticide free} is strugglin' thanks to the mother effin' stink bugs. jerks. ah, well, there's always next year. or, maybe we'll plant a fall garden. i don't know.
  • i'm beyond frustrated with trying to upload a video. i can get it onto you tube, but it's sideways. when i rotate it in windows movie maker, save it & upload it to you tube, there's no audio. i can't figure it out. i need to, though, because i really want to share it with y'all. it's of aidan dancing to big time rush. hilarious stuff...promise.
  • oh, and get ready because on monday mrs. monologues will be in the hizzouse! 
be good. have fun. miss me {or not}. i'll be perky & upbeat next week...or not. yeah, probably not. i'm not one to overly dramatize or candy coat stuff. what you see read is what you get.

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Anonymous trish said...

i really like & appreciate this post. i think it's a real and honest post and you make some valid points. i hope you have a good weekend (sounds like it's going to be exhausting) and i can't wai tto see what kind of moood you'll be in when you get back ...

Jul 29, 2011, 3:18:00 PM  
Blogger tara said...

sammy is almost 2 and still squats to pee.. is that normal??

Jul 29, 2011, 8:56:00 PM  

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