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Thursday, October 13, 2011

it's been one week.

a blogging hiatus here & there seems to be the norm lately. ah, well. c'est la vie!

before i start to ramble, let me remind you that erin condren goodies are still available at one kings lane.  the gift cards are sold out, but you can still get labels, holiday cards & her fabu lucite tray. click here if you wanna see the goods.  

and, since i'm doing a little housekeeping...

i stumbled across julep by accident. okay, maybe not. i mean, my partner-in-crime friend {aka everyone's favorite beach bum} emailed me about it. and, i drank the kool-aid. i totally canceled birchbox in favor of receiving nail polish & hand products once a month. i got my first shipment yesterday. i die. i'll post about it soon, but here's a link to julep if you're interested in seeing what it's all about. scour the net for coupon codes, too...they are out there. promise.

oh, and here's a great site for you if you're interested in organic, eco-friendly goodness: abe's market

abe's market is described as "a blend of etsy & whole foods...and features bits & pieces from amazon, groupon & home shopping network to connect buyers seeking amazing natural products with the people who make them." i've browsed the website & it's pretty awesome. i plan on doing some of my holiday shopping at abe's market. and, for my sweet readers, abe's market has offered a one-time only discount code for $10 off a $30 purchase: ENB-6543s4 {expires november 11th}

okay, on to the nitty-gritty...

i went to boston over the weekend. my mom called me last wednesday & asked if i wanted to visit my sister. my father had a long weekend & it was fall break for me, so i jumped at the chance to get away for a few days. this is only the second time i've left adam & the kids behind. fortunately, the house was in one piece when i came home. i'll blog & share a few pictures soon. promise.

i love my new {to me} car. well, except for the fact that i catch myself looking for my altima in the parking lot when i leave a store. i did this yesterday leaving wal-mart. seriously.

judge all you want, but i'm pretty stoked that wal-mart is bringing back layaway for the holidays. i'll be able to check off quite a few things on my kids' wish lists!

speaking of wal-mart, let me share with you the best $2.50 i've ever spent there:

i don't know the variety, but these dahlias were part of a pink ribbon collection for breast cancer awareness. they looked like crap when i bought them, but now they are crazy beautiful. {we had to put a tomato cage around the plant to keep it from drooping.}

school is plugging right along...sort of. my algebra class is kicking my behind. a lot of my classmates are frustrated. i am, too. so far, quite a few students {myself included} have contacted the math department in hopes that something will get better.

i bought my first pair of toms. kids-sized toms, to be exact. they are the black sparkle & are so cute. of course, it's still flip-flop weather here. oh, who am i kidding?? we wear flip-flops all year long in the 757.

OH! i'm going to do a nail polish giveaway...soon. i'm not certain if i want to time the post to coincide with my 900th blog post {this is number 893 if you're wondering} or just go for it. i'm thinking i should just go for it. keep your eyes peeled. it's going to be good. i'm giving away my two favorite orly fall colors. want a hint? click here.

well, that's about all for now. just wanted to catch you up a bit. i've been bouncing around on the twit, but it's time i stopped neglecting my little slice of the internet pie.

what's new with you???



Blogger Sarah said...

Love your randoms.

What's new with me?

Besides breaking my ankle?

My mother announced she's getting married (to a man I've never met) and is moving to Las Vegas. In two weeks.

My life has turned upside down.

I've yet to blog it because that would make it real and I'm not ready to live in reality just yet.

Oct 13, 2011, 12:55:00 PM  

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