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Friday, June 13, 2008

To hell with it!

I'm over the damn wallpaper border. I swear the woman who put it up for me just over five years ago must have used some really strong adhesive -- epoxy? -- because the shit is NOT coming off. I used one of those rotary wallpaper scoring gadgets. We sprayed the hell out of the border with this stuff called DIF. It's some blue gel that is supposed to make wallpaper come off easily. Bullshit. I let it sit for the 15-20 minutes the directions called for...I got out the "Tiger Scraper" thing that Adam bought (that is also made by the people who make that DIF crap) and wouldn't you know it...all of the freakin' wallpaper border is STILL on the walls!!

I have bits of paper, adhesive and all kinds of other random goo that I need to clean up. The walls need to be wiped down because I also tried the "1/2 fabric softener mixed with 1/2 hot water" mixture and it didn't work. Well, it did, but not how I wanted it all to. At least it smells good in M's room.

I just hope the painter doesn't have a fit when he comes over tomorrow morning. Granted, maybe I shouldn't have waited until the night before to tackle the wallpaper border. But, no one ever asked or mentioned the wallpaper when we were given the quote for the painting job. Also, up until two days ago I didn't even have the painting appointment scheduled -- I was at the mercy of the painter's schedule. OK, OK, so even that shouldn't have stopped me from making more of an effort to get the wallpaper border down. I guess I was just assuming (here I go again) that it would be a piece of cake -- after all, when I took down the border in Aidan's room back when it was done as the nursery that all came off without any issues. It just peeled right off when I used a damp sponge!

The painter arrives in just under 7 hours...yes, it's 1:10am in the morning and I've officially given up on the damn wallpaper border. It's all still coated with the DIF gel, but I honestly doesn't even look like it is working. Hell, it looks like the border soaked it up. Ah, well. I guess I'll just wait and see what happens in the morning...maybe I'll wake up and all of it will have just fallen off the walls. Yeah, right. I know, I'll keep dreaming.



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