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Stuttering Shell: A Saturday at the mall.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Saturday at the mall.

After Malia & I had our hair cut yesterday afternoon, we ventured over to Lynnhaven Mall. Much to Aidan's dismay, we were there to shop -- the kids both needed new shoes and I had Gymbucks to redeem at Gymboree. All Aidan wanted to do was have lunch at McDonald's and we did...after we shopped for shoes.

Good thing he wanted to eat at McD's because Stride Rite nearly broke the bank. Anyway, we went to the food court and passed the next hour eating Chicken McNuggets and people watching. Well, the kids at the nuggets and I did the people watching. The mall on a Saturday afternoon is not a fun place to be...especially in the food court. But, it was fun nonetheless.

I sat and watched groups of kids hanging out. I watched families with young children walk around. I even saw a woman carrying a small dog in her jacket. I wonder if she bought him/her from the new pet store at the mall (don't get me started on that, please). The teenage cliques cracked me up the most. They were just hilarious to watch. The girls checking out the guys. The guys checking out the girls. The giggling and finger pointing. Of course, there was some cursing and "bad ass" attitude, but I guess that just goes (unfortunately) with the territory. I was a teenager once who hung out at the mall. I remember getting dropped off at Lynnhaven Mall years ago -- either with my girlfriends or on a date with Adam. We did the same things those kids did -- shop, eat at the food court, watch movies and just hang out.

Of course, we didn't dress like today's teenagers did -- OMG some of the crap they were wearing! I swear, if my daughter even attempts to leave the house in a dress that barely covers her tush I will flip out! Back in my day, even though there were some scandalous ones out there, more was left to the imagination -- I guess you gotta thank the Seattle grunge scene for that. We also didn't have cell phones -- heck, pagers weren't even cool to carry back then yet.

It's just amazing how much difference a few years makes -- OK, more than a few years. But, still. I guess it just goes to show that kids really DO grow up fast these days. Don't believe me? Then hang out at a mall on a Saturday afternoon. You'll see...

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