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Friday, January 23, 2009

Random, useless knowledge about MOI

So, I was tagged in a note on Facebook to list 25 random things about myself. I figured I would share here for your reading entertainment:

1. I work for my husband and's not easy.
2. I dropped out of college -- TWICE.
3. I own over 15 pairs of Birkenstocks -- I think it's actually between 20 and 25 pairs, but I'm not so sure...I can't visualize them all in my head. ;-)
4. I love vacationing in Mexico -- and I don't even speak much Spanish.
5. I am thinking about playing the flute again.
6. My best friend lives over a thousand miles away -- I love you, Angie!
7. My friend, Josh, and I were born in the same hospital (Kapiolani in Honolulu, HI) nearly one month apart, but never met each other until we were 14 years old and lived in Virginia Beach...he is the man who introduced me to my husband way back when.
8. Barack Obama was also born at Kapiolani -- allegedly.
9. Speaking of Barack, his eldest daughter's name is is mine. =] His wife is also fond of j.crew and so am I...must be a Michelle thing. ;-)
10. I have a blog ( although I don't think that my blog is as interesting as some of the others out there.
11. I'm half Chinese -- my Mommy is from Hong Kong -- Chinese New Year is Monday, people...celebrate the Year of the Ox.
12. Caffeine is my friend.
13. Our family once had 13 hermit crabs as pets -- beach souvenirs gone wild -- the two my children started with turned into an obsession for me (seriously...those crabs had a double-decker was a hermit crab mansion!).
14. I am a beachcomber...I love seashells. I'm still scouring Hatteras Island, NC beaches for the perfect Scotch Bonnet (which happens to also be the state shell of NC).
15. It is my goal to be debt-free by the time I'm 35 (the mortgage doesn't count).
16. Red is my favorite color.
17. I remember in the 5th grade there was a kid in my class that I knew from going to school in Hawaii...funny how small the military world actually is (yes, I am a former Navy brat).
18. But, speaking of the Navy, I only moved once the whole time I was in school and that was from Hawaii to Virginia in 1986 when I was 8 years old...I've been in Virginia ever since.
19. I'm a social smoker -- terrible, I know. But, that's my dirty little secret...I guess it's not so secret anymore.
20. I think I am in love with our Kuerig coffee maker -- if you don't know what it is, you need to find out.
21. We have three cars and not a single car payment. Life is good!
22. I used to swim competitively -- I wasn't very good at it, but I still gave it a try.
23. It is my dream to visit Europe one day -- that is, if we ever decide to stop vacationing in Mexico first...because I'd like to visit more areas in Mexico one day, too.
24. I've known my husband since we were 14 years old. Our 7th wedding anniversary is next month -- we'll have been together a total of 15 years.
25. I check my breasts every month for lumps -- breast cancer runs in the family and I'm proud to say that my Mommy is a survivor!



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