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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here's what I owe you...well, sorta...

Pictures of the kitchen. Stay tuned. I'll upload them either tonight or tomorrow evening.

I promise!

Updated on Monday, January 12th:
See, I made good on my pictures thus far (as I'm typing & posting this Adam is in the kitchen starting on the glass mosaic tile...I'll have pictures of that soon)...

Ewww...the mess underneath the sink thanks to the ancient garbage disposal...OK, OK, it wasn't ancient, but it was just over 10 years old which, in my opinion, is old for a kitchen appliance. It was nassssssstay underneath the sink.

The kitchen counters BEFORE and minus the old sink. Don't hate me because of my sad looking butcher block wannabe laminate countertops. Come on, people, this house is almost 20 years old! I'm sure those were H-O-T looking countertops back in 1989. (if only you knew what the cabinets used to look like...they were stained a shade of brown not much darker than the countertops...Adam and I painted them back in 2005).

Laying out the granite tile to make sure that everything fits and all necessary cuts are made before Adam puts down any grout. The darker tiles are wet from being cut with the tile saw.

The granite bullnose edge just to give an idea of what it all looks like when it comes together. By this time Adam had one whole side of the kitchen countertops installed, re-did the plumbing underneath the sink, installed the new garbage disposal, new sink and new faucet.

Tweaking the plumbing underneath the's still a mess in that cabinet. I refuse to clean unless I can get the whole kitchen cleaned...looks like it's not happening any time soon considering that Adam is still laying tile. Oh, darn.
Adam is wrasslin' with something up under the sink. Don't ask me what it was or why he was doing it. I was just taking pictures like I was on vacation. :-)
One side done! Well, not quite...the grout and granite still needs to be sealed. The only appliance Adam has allowed on the countertop so far is the Keurig coffeemaker. I think he loves it more than he loves me. *sigh*

Grouting the other countertop...we debated quite a bit on whether or not we should have lowered that bar area that Adam is standing next to. Adam now wishes that we lowered it. It's bad enough that we have a small kitchen...what makes it even worse is that there is so much wasted space (as was evident when we ripped out the old counters) and that bar area does not get used at all..........but now that it's "new & improved" it just might. Adam's gonna need to raise the pot rack, too.

The only "tacky" portion of the tile job thus far as far as I'm concerned is the very end of the bar. We were short ONE (yes, one) bullnose edge. Rather than pay another $25 for one (yep...they were $25/each...ouch) Adam decided to make the cut pieces work. Thankfully, all of the pieces he had were the same size and it fit perfectly. You don't really notice it when you're in the kitchen.

Laying out the glass mosaic tile was tonight's project...I think the color I chose was spot on and I cannot wait to see it on the wall and finished. Adam chose a grout color to match the new countertop.
The color of the glass tile is "Glass Sky." I think it's so darned pretty. As for an update on the current happenings in the kitchen, Adam has one wall of glass tile up and he's removing the paper backing. I'll snap a few photos and add them momentarily.
So, now that the new countertops are installed and the backsplash is going up, Adam and I are now rethinking our cabinet color. The sandy color worked with the old countertops, but we're thinking a really light gray would be best for the cabinets now. It wouldn't clash with our beachy themed kitchen and it would coordinate well with the granite counters. That's gonna be another weekend project in a few weeks.......I think.

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Blogger Rebecca Rodgers said...


Jan 12, 2009, 8:34:00 AM  
Blogger Michelle L. H. Chissler said...

You don't have to wait any longer, Rebecca!

Glass mosaic tile pics will get posted tonight. :-)

Jan 13, 2009, 1:42:00 PM  
Blogger Rebecca Rodgers said...


Jan 19, 2009, 10:29:00 PM  

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