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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Decisions, decisions...

So, I called Heather with the Washington Redskins back today. Adam and I talked about these season tickets and wanted to know if there was a cheaper option. There is. But, the waitlist for the general admission season tickets is, right now, approximately 5 to 7 years long. Oh, boy.

Now that we know that bit of information, it makes the prospect of season tickets at the premium club level even more exciting. What isn't exciting is the price tag.

We still have until Friday to decide.

Part of me is saying to just go for it. The other part of me is saying no....that we should pass. We just spent money on the kitchen. Our goal is to be debt free after this year (well, credit card debt). Logically, it wouldn't make any sense to take on yet another payment no matter how enticing the reward is.

Of course, passing up on this offer means that there will be other opportunities to get season tickets; however, the price will have gone up.


I would hate to disappoint Adam...and, I'll admit it, I'm slightly excited myself. But, taking on an obligation this huge would mean that other things we enjoy throughout the year would come to an end. One of these days we'll be able to take on the added enjoyment of season tickets...and, we just might be able to afford enough for the whole family to enjoy. I am thinking that for now, we should just turn around and walk away....

My heart knows what we should do...I just gotta get the rest of me to believe it. *ugh*

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