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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And they're off!

I kissed the kids goodbye and waved to my mother (a.k.a. Po Po or as the kids say "Paw Paw") as she backed out of the parking lot...they were off to Richmond to pick up my father who was on his way home from time spent in Mississippi.

They have been gone for about an hour and I already miss them!

Adam and I have been quite fortunate to have been blessed with quite possibly the world's greatest grandparents for our children. My parents do anything and everything for our kids (and us) and this includes keeping the kids for extended periods of time. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm passing off my children, but when long holiday breaks come about (like this winter break from school that doesn't end until the 20th of January) my parents step up and help us out.

Tomorrow, they will leave for Connecticut to visit my sister and her husband and also spend some time with the cousins who live nearby. I have heard rumours that my kids will get to play in the snow. How exciting! As for us...Adam and I will pass the time wisely, I hope! Aside from pouring ourselves into our work, it's my goal to get some work done around the house (i.e., paint part of the master bathroom), clean out the kids' dresser drawers, etc. We'll also be able to just act like carefree adults which is always nice to do every now and again.

I really do miss the kids, though. Ugh...and it's only been just over an hour! How am I going to last a few weeks?!

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