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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fresh World

So we ventured out on Saturday afternoon to a new grocery store that we had heard about from family & friends. It's a multicultural grocery store called Fresh World (googling them only gives reviews on the stores in the NoVa, D.C., Maryland area). The store is located in the old Kroger building at the shopping center at Princess Anne Road & Lynnhaven Parkway. You know...the one with the Super Wal-Mart and the parking lot so crazy retarded that they have a rent-a-cop directing traffic...yes, that shopping center. Don't worry, though, getting to and from the Fresh World store isn't nearly as stressful as heading to the Wally World on the opposite end of the shopping center.

Anyway, the grocery store isn't completely stocked yet and there are signs everywhere saying that beer & wine sales are coming soon (ABC licenses take time, people!), but there is just so much to look at! Their produce section was phenomenal. I don't know how many times we circled the produce. We sniffed the Durian fruit (phew!) and touched Indian Bittermelon (the thought of all those bumps still gives me the heebie jeebies). We got our usual staple of onions and potatoes, but this time we purchased Spanish onions and purple (Peruvian) potatoes. The kids are gonna like the purple taters. There was Kim Chee galore!! Needless to say, we bought a bag of it...yes, a bag...I think it was at least 2 pounds. We're splitting that with family.

There was a ton of fresh seafood...they had tanks of lobster and tilapia swimming around. They also had a ton of already caught fish that were ready for cleaning by the fishmongers. Beef, chicken and pork were plentiful along with any necessary parts that you enjoy. Their frozen foods section carried a lot of ethnic specific treats as did their dry goods section. You could also pick up your favorite "American staples," too. We did need milk and eggs and opted NOT to go to Wally World if we were already at the store so we settled for some brown eggs and a half-gallon of milk that did not have any of the growth hormone in's a bit of a stretch for us since we buy our milk and eggs organic but it was a good compromise to avoid the chaos of the parking lot and a trip to Wal-Mart.

We have so much yummy food in our fridge right now. Adam has already marinated some thinly cut ribeye steaks in Bulgogi sauce. The Kim Chee has been divided. I've already devoured my two red bean mochi cakes (I had the pink ones). I am hoping that I'll head back to the store today for more...after all, my mom is on her way down for a visit and she's never been there. The only drawback was that they didn't take American Express...and we had an American Express gift card we wanted to use. Ah, well.

OH! It's not just Asian food...they have a big selection of Hispanic favorites as well as Peruvian foods, Jamaican foods, etc. I'm anxious to see their beer selection once it's up and running...I'll be a happy, happy girl if I can get Leon in the states...I'm not holding my breath, though.

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