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Stuttering Shell: So, in my post-holiday funk...

Friday, December 26, 2008

So, in my post-holiday funk...

can I just say that I'm really NOT looking forward to working only 2 days next week?!

I want to work. I need to work. I'm an hourly wage earner. Two days equals to 16 hours which equals out to a really crummy paycheck. Combine next week's really crummy paycheck with this week's really crummy hours (we worked only 2.5 days the week of Christmas) and I'm still not making what I would make in just one week. This sucks, folks.

I don't have the luxury of being a salaried employee, so I don't get paid for the full week regardless. Fortunately, my husband does. You would think that since I've been with the company since it's inception (I quit a salaried, management position to work for my FIL and hubby) and that I am married to the Vice President that I would at least be making a salary wage, but no. *sigh* OK, so maybe the whole "married to the VP" thing should not matter, but the fact that - aside from my FIL and husband - I've been with the company the longest out of everyone who works for the company really SHOULD matter and, unfortunately, it doesn't. Trust me...there are other issues with this job that I'm not happy about and it really is quite unfair (and, no, I'm not being petty).

So, part of me wants to protest and just not go into work on Monday and Tuesday as I'm scheduled (ha ha funny is that?! I haven't had to follow an actual written schedule since my restaurant days.). The other part of me is saying to just go in because I do have bills to pay.

It's a four day work's not even a full week. But, I'm only allowed to work 2 days that week because the other girls in the office have to work, too. One makes salary, one the company caters to because she's her only source of income and the other just wants to work like I do. I remember the days of it just being two girls in the office. I remember WORKING all through the holidays last year. I mean, really...we don't get paid holidays, we don't get personal days nor do we get sick days and, ha ha ha, if you want a paid vacation you're just out of luck.

I'm sorry, but I have things I'm working on that have to be done. I've got things that will just pile up on my desk that week (because no one else will do them) and when I get back after new year's my workload will double...maybe even triple. I don't want that. I want to work now and get what I need to get done now...because I know that it will come back to bite me in the ass later. Yes, that is how unfair the office really is sometimes.

Bottom line is that I'm very unhappy. I was asked to take a position with this company. Asked. I didn't ask. I was asked. I quit a job only to come on board and not get paid for nearly two months. Did I question it? No. Maybe I should have negotiated my way to something I wanted, but I didn't. I figured that since this was my husband and FIL that I would be compensated in some way to make me feel like I shouldn't have to negotiate. Wrong. I have a degree, too, people. I'm a few semesters away from a fucking Masters, too. But, with the way I'm treated you wouldn't think so.

I hate to sound so "money hungry" but I have bills to pay. I have debt I want to get out of. We live for every last dime we make. It's imperative that I work so we can have a better tomorrow. So, my new year's resolution is to find a new job. It's going to be a bitch considering how shitty the economy is, but I really need to find a new that will at least make me happy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's the thing about working with family-you get fucked no matter what you do.

Good luck girlie!

Dec 26, 2008, 7:52:00 PM  
Blogger Michelle L. H. Chissler said...

You ain't lyin'!

Most of that was typed in anger. After a long talk with my mother, I calmed down a bit. I still feel like I'm underappreciated at work and I'm on a mission to change that.

Dec 28, 2008, 10:19:00 AM  

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