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Stuttering Shell: MY WISH

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Jade Goody's very public battle with cervical cancer and Natasha Richardson's tragic death have left me wondering...

Both women are/were mothers. Both women love(d) and cherish(ed) their families. Both women will leave/left behind a loving spouse. I think it's safe to say that Jade Goody has come to terms with her terminal illness and is doing everything and anything she can to preserve her memory for her two young boys. Natasha Richardson never really got the chance to do that for her sons.

Life is precious. It's taken away at a moment's notice. I think as a mother both women touch my heart in very different ways, but one thing is for certain - how would I want my children to remember me...what do I want for my children...what kind of legacy will I leave behind? I can't think about this without getting emotional. All of the "what if's" aren't something that I normally tend to think about, but here lately I just can't help but to.

So, this is my wish for my children:
  • To be honest and capable individuals
  • To have an open mind
  • To love with no boundaries
  • To have unwaivering faith
  • To make a difference
  • To never give up
  • To be fair
  • To know that they are loved
  • To be a friend to all
  • To be compassionate and empathetic
  • To cherish each day as a gift
  • To never forget that family is forever
  • To dream big

It's not a complete list. I think the list is constantly evolving. As my children grow older, their needs and wants change and my needs and wants for them change, too. I certainly hope that my children will never have to face the same situation that Jade's boys are facing or that Natasha's boys are going through. But, should something happen (God forbid) I truly hope that my children realize that I will never be gone from them and that my memory will live forever in their hearts.

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