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Stuttering Shell: Sissy's where?!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sissy's where?!

My son had a pretty interesting conversation with my mother last week. Lately, he's been very curious about when he and his sister were babies and also when I was a baby...basically, he's infatuated with the fact that everyone around him (who is older than him) was his age at one point.

The conversation was initiated by my son who asked my mother where he was when I was a little girl. To be more specific, he asked if he was in my tummy when I was a little girl. Not wanting to get into uncharted territory with a 5 year old, my mom simply replied, "No."

"Well, was sissy in mommy's tummy?"


"What about daddy's tummy? Was sissy in daddy's tummy then?"

Again, my mother replied, "No."

What was my son's response?

"Well, I think daddy has a sissy in his tummy. He's got a big tummy, you know."

Great, my son thinks he's going to have another sissy, but this time sissy will come from daddy and not mommy. It's time for Adam to start doing sit-ups and switch to light beer! Oh, the mind of a 5 year old...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

the things kids say!

Apr 7, 2009, 8:21:00 AM  

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