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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Poop & Ants

Poop & ants.

Ants & poop.

It pretty much sums up my afternoon.

I get home from work & check the mail only to find that ALL of the mail that was held since last Thursday {because we were on vacation} found it's way to my mailbox...including the note for the 'mail hold' request that I did with the postal service that said, "Customer will pick up all vacation hold mail." Thank you, Mr. Mailman, for not reading.

That wasn't the bad part.

The bad part was opening my mailbox, grabbing the mail & looking down to find that my hand was covered {and I mean covered} in ants. It's one thing getting bills in the mail, but bills that come with their own bugs?! Yuck. Ants skeeve - is that even a word? - me out. Needless to say, I dropped the mail. All of it. Into a puddle. A muddy puddle thanks to the 5+ inches of rain we've gotten in just over a day. So much for those bills. I also sprayed the HECK out of my mailbox with Raid. Ew.

Fast forward to about an hour later...I'm getting dinner ready {porkchops & sauerkraut...yum!} and I see the dog haul buns into my bedroom. I asked Aidan to grab him - the pup cannot be trusted just yet in any room by himself. Aidan obliges...and I follow Aidan just to be safe. I walk into my bedroom to find a pile of poo on my bathroom floor. Smushed poo. Gross.

Guess who walked through it?

Yep. Aidan. So, there I was on my hands & knees scrubbing my bathroom floor with bleach & washing Aidan's socks in h-o-t water.


I swear, today feels totally like a Monday yet it's already Tuesday.

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Blogger Kristen said...

aww, I am sorry! I honestly have no idea what I would have done if my hands were covered in ants!

Sep 8, 2009, 11:29:00 PM  

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