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Stuttering Shell: Product Review: Drink Wat-Aah!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Product Review: Drink Wat-Aah!

Not long ago, I was contacted by the fun folks at Wat-Aah! who proposed a challenge to my family -- get my kids to choose water over sodas & other sugar-laden drinks. How could I resist? Well, okay, so I secretly knew that this would be a 'no brainer' for us because we very rarely allow our children to drink sodas & usually they are asking for milk, orange juice or....water. But, I didn't realize how much fun this challenge would be NOR did I anticipate their very positive reaction...

Wat-Aah! was created by a mom, Rose Cameron, who wondered why kids preferred drinking anything but water. It was her desire to get kids excited about drinking water & showing them the importance of drinking more water and less sugary drinks in an effort to fight childhood obesity. Between the colorful, kid-friendly packaging, taste & overall appeal, I think it's safe to say that Rose Cameron has created a product that will surely change the way kids feel about drinking water. To read more about Wat-Aah! please check out their website or their blog.

We came home one afternoon to find a big box of Wat-Aah! loot on our front porch. The kids were excited to see what was inside. They had NO IDEA that THEY would be testing the product. All they cared about were the cool stickers & temporary tattoos that were sent.

I was given a bottle of each Wat-Aah! flavor - brain, bones, body & energy. Each type of Wat-Aah! drink is fortified with vitamins & minerals, has no sugar or added sodium & is made from ultra purified water or spring water. Certainly, one of the best features about the product is it's packaging...this IS a kids product {but it's still clever enough to appeal to adults, too}. The cartoon kid shouting, "Drink Wat-Aah!" and the bright, colorful labels really catch the eye.

We put our bottles of Wat-Aah! in the fridge & let the kids "have at it." We had juice boxes, milk, orange juice, sweet tea & Wat-Aah! stashed in the fridge and every time the kids went in the fridge they chose the Wat-Aah! over anything else. At dinner, they would both exclaim they wanted Wat-Aah! and sometimes small arguments ensued because they both wanted the same bottle! Who knew that kids would actually fight over something good for them?!

Once all four bottles were gone, my kids were left wanting more. Unfortunately, Wat-Aah! is not available in my immediate local area, but it can be purchased online at

I knew that the product would be a hit with my two children -- I didn't realize that it would be that big of a hit, though. They absolutely enjoyed drinking Wat-Aah! Maybe it was the clever packaging, maybe it was the bottle, maybe it was the fun phrase & blurb of info on the back of the bottles...who knows. What I do know is that I am one happy mom because time & time again my children chose water over the sugary drinks. And, even to this day {because we are out of Wat-Aah!} they are still choosing water as their preferred drink of choice.

Thanks, Wat-Aah!

For more info about Wat-Aah! be sure to check out the following links:
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You can even follow Wat-Aah! on Facebook & on Twitter, too!

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