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Monday, May 3, 2010

the eighties.

the chitter-chatter was non-stop as the kids & i drove north to my parents' house last friday evening.  as soon as one child stopped talking, the other would pick right up.  in usual road trip fashion, the topics of discussion ranged from inquisitive to just plain silly.  this, i believe, would classify as silly.


maliamom, are you glad we weren't born in the 80s?

mehuh?  what do you mean?  {because did my child not realize that i was HER age in the 80s...yes and no, i suppose...}

maliaus.  born in the 80s.  we weren't, but aren't you glad we weren't?

aidanyeah, the 80s were crazy.

maliayou know, mom...the 80s.  the hippies.  the peace signs.  the blow outs*.

mesweetie, hippies & peace signs were from the 60s.  and, what are blow outs*?

malia & aidanoh.  *giggle, giggle* 

how funny that my children think of the 1980s as an era equivalent to the 1960s.  i suppose - in their eyes - they are validated to have such a judgment because, after all, the 1980s were twenty years {or more} before their time.  it just makes me laugh...

*as for the blow outs, our kids watch re-runs of full house & malia was referring to the episode in which d.j. gets a job so she can afford a pair of "really rad" sneakers called "blow outs" that inhale & exhale as you walk {just as i typed that i had flashbacks to my very own pair of reebok pumps.  ha ha ha ha!}.



Blogger Brittany Ann said...

HAHA! As a girl born in the 80s (early 80s, but nonetheless), I TOTALLY know what they mean!

May 4, 2010, 8:53:00 AM  

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