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Sunday, June 20, 2010

who's your daddy?

{adam & malia, march 2001}

"he's very special.  he's funny.  i can cook with him.  he tickles me.  he's always laughing.  he makes me happy.  and he helps me feel better when i'm sad."
-as said by malia 

{adam & aidan, june 2003}
"my dad is funny.  he gives me kisses.  he plays with me.  my daddy watches t.v. with me.  he helps me learn how to cook.  he asks me questions.  he helps me with my homework."
-as said by aidan

unconditional love.  patience.  loyalty.  unwavering support.  flexibility.  gentle, yet firm. 

those are just a few words to describe the kind of father adam is. 

i am blessed, too.  because those very same words characterize my own father.

{my dad, adam & the kids, july 2008}

as a daughter, i couldn't have been blessed with a more wonderful father.
as a wife, i couldn't have been blessed with a more wonderful husband.
as a mother, i couldn't have been blessed with a more wonderful father for my children.

we're all lucky.  we're lucky to have each other.

happy father's day, dad & adam!



Blogger Kristen @ said...

aww too cute!! happy (belated) father's day!

Jun 22, 2010, 2:37:00 PM  

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