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Saturday, December 31, 2011

goodbye. hello.

i feel like i should be waxing poetic about 2011 and everything good & bad that happened during its 365 days.

don't worry, i'm not.

2011 is what it was. it came & soon it will be gone. it was a good year. it was also a bad year. mediocre? to an extent. fabulous? not really. glad it's over & ready for a fresh start? you betcha.

with every new year, i create a list of goals that i'd like to meet. however, those goals ultimately wind up as being dreams or aspirations that seem to fall within the category of "wishful thinking." i'm certain, though, that this coming year will be different. 2012 seems magical to me. it will be a year of "cans" and not "cannots." the impossible will be possible. and, through it all, i'll remain positive.

of course, ask me again in a few weeks and we'll see just how positive i really am.

while i have a lot to be thankful for, i have even more to look forward to. like what? i'm glad you asked...

i'll finish my masters degree this year.
adam will begin his college career.
my parents will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.
adam & i will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.
a new life will be welcomed into the family.

those are the big things. there are little goals, too. little, attainable goals...

paying off credit cards.
saving more.
being more thrifty.
kissing fast food goodbye.
loving more.
getting rid of clutter.
detoxing from bad relationships.

2012 - it's going to be a good year. no, will be a great year.



Blogger Cole said...

2012 will be a GOOD year! Happy New Year to your family. :-)

Dec 31, 2011, 5:04:00 PM  

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