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Stuttering Shell: Got VISA?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It's been quite humbling to go around without a VISA checkcard. After a few suspicious telephone calls on Friday, I called my bank to cancel my checkcard and re-order a new one. While I wait for the new card to arrive, I'm returning to the "old school" ways of making purchases -- writing a check or paying with cash. Since Friday, I have felt like that person in the VISA commercials that makes everything come to a screeching halt because I am asking who to make the check payable to. It's been an experience.

I honestly don't remember how I was able to go about and make day-to-day purchases many years ago when I did not possess a VISA checkcard. I have learned that I rely on that little rectangle of plastic far too much...because now that it's gone I feel like my life-line has been cut. At least my bank account isn't taking too bad of a hit because of all of this...I can't go out and spend like I usually do because there's no way to pay for an online purchase with cash or check.




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