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Stuttering Shell: PTA membership is paying off

Thursday, October 9, 2008

PTA membership is paying off

Well, it's going to, I hope.

When we received our PTA cards for the kids' school there was a flyer that informed parents of all the benefits and discounts you can receive simply because of their PTA membership. Lo and behold...T-Mobile offers a 14% discount for members!

Hot dog!

I called T-Mobile yesterday and within 30-60 days the discount should reflect upon my bill every month in the form of a credit adjustment. I'm curious to see exactly what the amount will be since the girl said it would vary from 12 to 15%. I did not ask why. This new discount also changed my billing cycle around a bit, but -- once again -- I did not ask why. Ah, well. I just want the discount. 14% is better than no percent and when you have a family plan (two cell phones and a home phone -- yes, we switched our home phone to T-Mobile's VoIP) the savings can really mean a lot.

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