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Stuttering Shell: Things I need to remember to do...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Things I need to remember to do...

With all that I have going on these days (and with Chrismas only a few weeks away...yikes!), I need to remember to do these things:

  • email Jennifer some recipes...I mean, she only asked me weeks ago!
  • mail Emi's Elmo book
  • wrap Christmas gifts as they arrive not all at one time (because I absolutely LOATHE wrapping presents...believe it or not)
  • clean out my closet (not likely to happen)
  • renew my car's registration (it's due January, but I will forget so I have my DMV stuff taped to my monitor to do this week)
  • stay healthy (we'll see how that goes)
  • don't overspend (which, so far, I think we've done good considering all of our Christmas shopping is done except for about 3 more things -- 2 of which are for the kidlets)
  • clean out the pantry (I know there is stuff in there that could get thrown out or given to the Food Bank)
  • stay stress-free (but, with a set of divorced in-laws that means Christmas happens more than once around here...ugh)
  • smile, smile, smile!

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