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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Humbling stuff...

I read the classified section of our local newspaper -- not because I'm looking for a job, but because I am nosey. I like to see who lost what, who found what...who is missing a fur baby and who has found someone's fur baby...who is selling what or who is trying to buy something. OK, OK...I like looking over the job listings, too. It's interesting to see who is hiring and for what.

But, I also read the classifieds to read through the foreclosure listings. (I also like to read the obituaries, but that's in a different section of the newspaper...) You have to be really, really stupid or from another planet if you didn't know and understand the economic peril the U.S. is spiralling in at the moment. The increasing number of foreclosure listings is evident. And, while scanning through the listings last night, the reality of the problem hit close to home -- well, sort of. I recognized a name. Yes, I saw a foreclosure listing on a house that belongs (well, I guess BELONGED to) someone I know. I don't know her or her husband well, but I've met them nonetheless and do feel sorry for them. No one wants to lose their home. But, in a sick & twisted sense, I DON'T feel too sorry for "the high life" isn't always so great. Of course, this is only my opinion of their situation and, while I don't know their situation completely, it really isn't my place to judge. But, irregardless of the situation or how they used their money or whatever, the sad reality is that their family lost their beautiful home. Their foreclosure listing was just one of many that covered about four pages of the classifieds section. Four pages. Yikes.

Needless to say, it just drives the fact home that the seriousness of our country's economic situation is alive and very much well all around us. This just drives the point home even more that I need to be more of a miser and less of a glutton.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't read the print form of the VP in years....4 pages??? Jeebus. That's a lot of damn property sitting vacant.

*wanders off to peek at real estate*

Jan 29, 2009, 4:46:00 PM  

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