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Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey...your phone's ringing...

Adam's cell phone rang at 6:40 this morning. Yes, it's Monday, but if it were any other Monday it wouldn't matter because any other Monday he would be working. However, when the phone rang this morning we were both still in bed. In bed at my parents house. My parents house that is just a little bit over two & a half hours away from our home...and our jobs. We took today off to spend some time with the kids and take them to Washington, DC for the day. Apparently, we took Adam's job with us.

It isn't easy being married to the boss. Vacations or any time off means never really getting a break from just means that you aren't in the office. And, even though Adam's phone didn't stop ringing until we were sitting in southbound rush hour traffic on Interstate 95 this evening, we still managed to have a good calls about job-related issues and all. I'm not complaining...I'm just saying that for once it would be nice to not ever have to eat, sleep, breathe or discuss work while on vacation - with the kids or not - ever again. Besides, I'm sure it was really hard for Adam to talk about work-related issues while his son was playing with donkey poo at the children's farm area at the National Zoo. (more about the poop later, though)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahh the joys of being the 'boss' in a family owned ALL falls to you.

Apr 13, 2009, 11:13:00 PM  

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