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Stuttering Shell: 48 cupcakes later...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

48 cupcakes later...

And I'm feeling a bit sick to my stomach.

I suppose it's a good 'sick to my stomach feeling' - it's quite bittersweet, actually.

My baby turns SIX tomorrow.

While we were in the car this afternoon waiting to pick up his sister, I stole a glance at him in the rear view mirror. He's so grown up looking - thinning out - his lil' boy chubby cuteness is evolving into lil' guy handsomeness.

Six. Headed into first grade next year.

He's not as independent as his sister nor is he as headstrong & demanding as she is - he still has his "baby of the family" charm.

But he's going to be six. Tomorrow.

It didn't really hit me as hard when Malia turned six. I suppose it's different now. Because now I no longer have babies...I've got children. Children who - in the blink of an eye - are growing up so fast that, just once, I wish they would slow down and let me hold them again like I did when they were infants.

A proper birthday post is to follow - tomorrow, of course - I just really needed to get his off of my (teeny) chest.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bless your heart! :( I know what you mean though! It didn't hit me with my 10 or 8 year old but with my 4 year old it does! I want him to stay a baby forever!! :) Happy Birthday Aidan!!!

Jun 12, 2009, 12:11:00 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...

I felt the same way with my youngest!

And towards the end of school... it hit me, that this will be the last time I have a kindergartener! There will never be another "first day of school" :( sniff, sniff!

Jun 12, 2009, 12:42:00 AM  

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