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Stuttering Shell: two wheels & a tooth.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

two wheels & a tooth.

The weekend was pretty eventful for Mr. Aidan.

He lost his first tooth {he's 6}. It was one of his bottom front teeth & it was loose for what seemed like forever. On Saturday morning while playing at the kitchen table it just 'popped out.' At least that is what he told me. He wanted to put it under his bed straight away -- I corrected him and told him that the tooth fairy looks under little children's pillows and not their beds for teeth.

On Sunday morning, he woke up to find two crispy $1 bills under his head. He felt like the richest man in the world {oh, to be that young & carefree again!}. My parents happened to be in town {love them!} and the conversation he had with my mother - about the tooth fairy - went something like this:

A: "Yeah, the tooth fairy is pretty cool."

My mom: "Why? What does the tooth fairy do?"

A: "She goes around collecting teeths. She brings you monies, too."

My mom: "What did she bring you?"

A: "Two whole dollars. Yeah, she's pretty cool."

{I am embarrassed to report that Aidan has since lost one dollar - that's what he gets for showing off to his friends - and we found the pup with the other dollar - fortunately, it was salvaged and still in one piece.}

Later in the day on Sunday, Aidan finally learned how to ride his bicycle without the training wheels. According to the hubs, the trick was putting Aidan on his sister, Malia's, bicycle - which has a wider seat & different handlebars (she's got a mini beach cruiser) - and he immediately got the hang of riding on just two wheels. Now, all he wants to do is ride is bike. It doesn't matter what the weather is like {it's cool & drizzly today}...he just wants to ride his bike!

What a weekend -- he lost two {teeny} wheels & a tooth!

A picture of Aidan's goofy grin will be added later on tonight. Promise.

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Blogger Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Ah! too cute! I wonderful to be a child or have a child that you can appreciate everything like that! How fun and amazing to see life through a young child's eyes! Our kids did their chores and we had a little chart of their accomplishments along with the amount per chore... sorta funny to find that and see that they were literally working for pennies! But at the time, they thought it was totally awesome :o)

What a big boy!!! Great job with the bike riding on 2 wheels! and whoo-hoo for losing his first tooth!

Blessings & Aloha!

(Thank you for stopping by and leaving a wonderful comment :o) ...always fun finding your comments :o)

Oct 27, 2009, 7:29:00 PM  
Anonymous the Preppy Princess said...

Oh, what a lovely post! He sounds just darling, we can just hear him 'splaining about the Fairy! And the image of the dog with a dollar is pretty funny, that made us laugh!

Thank you for popping in for a visit, may your Friday be fab!

Oct 29, 2009, 8:05:00 PM  

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