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Friday, December 11, 2009

so much to say.

{don't is the LAST day to get on my 'ho ho ho' snail mail list. i'll give y'all until midnight my time - that's EST, folks - to email me your address. click here for the deets. remember, i am picking two lucky friends from the snail mail list to receive a lil' extra surprise. it is my goal to get the cards & packages in the mail either tomorrow or monday at the latest.}

so yesterday's interview was a bust. a big bust. very unprofessional. a little too personal. overall, a big disappointment. i left the interview - all twenty minutes of it - feeling let down. not a bad kind of 'let down' was almost a good one. i wasn't discouraged - okay, maybe i was a little - but as i drove off, i had a feeling in my gut that this was not the job for me. i am glad i was not chosen for the job - yes, they made a decision yesterday afternoon - because i would have declined the position anyways. *note to self: any interview that starts off by saying that i was overpaid at my last job is a sign. a sign that they cannot see the value in their employees. yes, i made good money. i worked hard for every damned cent of that money & i am worth every damned cent of that money. while i realize we are in a recession, i do feel that it is slightly ridiculous to think that a college educated woman would take on a position that involves the work of three people for a less than meager salary. the job yesterday was offering what i was making out of college...and i graduated with my bachelor's degree {nearly} ten. years. ago.

while some may think that i should have jumped at the chance to earn any kind of money right now {and i do agree to a certain extent} i do have my morals & my own standards. i have never in my life been interviewed by a company who was more concerned about my family life & my finances than my skills or my talents. openly telling me that the other two women i am competing against are single & childless and then making the "well, you'll be okay because your husband works" statement were absolutely unnecessary. they are lucky i didn't cry 'discrimination!' and call the BBB. and this was all said by the owner/president of the company. who was, i might add, a woman.

anyways...when one door closes, another one opens...and i'm hoping, wishing & praying for some good news next week. we are taking things as they come & the arrangement has been lovely thus far.

so it's finally friday. it's just me & the pup. malia was home sick for a couple days earlier this week. i'm hoping to get my 'routine' together again. laundry, housekeeping, crafts, baking, being driven insane by the pup. you know, the usual.

oh, i do have a new camera. it came last week. i finally took it out of the box. i am smitten. absolutely in love. it's not the d-slr that i wanted to get...maybe that can be on my wish list for next Christmas, but i love my new kodak p&s just the same. it's 14 megapixels of hd goodness. i'll upload some pics later & share them with you. i owe you some anyways.

it's cold. weather in virginia is wonky. it was in the 70s just a couple days ago. kid. you. not. no wonder kleenex has become me BFF here lately. it's supposed to be fuh-reezing tonight {i know, i know...temps in the 30s is like a heat wave for some of y'all} and it's supposed to be back in the 60s by the beginning of the week. i realize that it's not quite winter, but i'd like a little consistency, please.

well, the pup is snoring. that's a sign to get off the computer & get motivated. things get accomplished while he's snoozing. it's silly, but it's true!

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Blogger rachel said...

oh. i am sad for you! interviews are so hard, but i think you did right to follow your gut. i feel that now that i have been out of college for a little bit and in the work force i know what to look for in a job and what to ask in an interview (i.e. my current job is tenure based promotions rather than performance based...wish i asked that question 4 years ago....)!

it's all a learning process! keep your hopes up! ( :

Dec 11, 2009, 10:44:00 AM  
Blogger Mrs. Potts said...

You know what, good for you. That was inappropriate to ask about your personal life & your children. Any HR professional would be appalled that they did!

Dec 11, 2009, 10:58:00 AM  
Blogger C in VA said...

You carry yourself SO well! It must have taken everything not to freak out at the interviewer. I have only the best wishes for you!

And ps. VA weather is bipolar. What. A. Mess.

Dec 11, 2009, 2:28:00 PM  
Blogger Brittany Ann said...

Talk about inappropriate! Good for you! I'd have decked them!

Dec 11, 2009, 9:13:00 PM  

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