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Monday, December 21, 2009


i'm flying high right now folks. seriously, i am. my sinuses are screaming & i ran straight for the medicine cabinet. oh, that detached feeling...yeah, medicine head...i've got it thanks to sudafed. no wonder they keep this crap behind the counter. two of those little red pills and i'm a hot mess. with that said, i'll warn you now...if anything seems vile, vulgar or remotely like gibberish long-winded in this post, well, it was the meds talking.

i had a busy weekend. a busy, family-filled weekend.

my parents came down thursday night. my momma had surgery on friday morning & was back in my home by friday afternoon. things are a-okay. really, they are. nothing serious or life threatening. {the life threatening surgery was almost three years ago this month when my brave momma decided to kiss a breast good-bye. that was the only part of her body she let cancer take. go, mom!} friday's surgery gave my momma her groove back...if you know what i mean.

the hours from friday afternoon into friday evening were busy ones for me. i baked. and baked. and baked. i will post pics & share recipes later. i made coconut macaroons, mexican wedding cookies, chocolate chip cookies & homemade marshmallow. i also got crafty and completed another monogrammed shirt done reverse-applique style. again, pictures will happen later.

the hubs left in the wee morning hours on saturday morning to go hunting with his buddies. it was another unsuccessful trip. well, depending on who you ask. to him, there were no deer to shoot. {duh, you were hunting in two friggin' feet of snow...did you really think the deer would be prancing through the woods?? i rest my case.} if you ask me, it was a successful trip because it got him out of my hair for a day and now i don't have to worry about a deep freezer full of venison because, quite frankly, i don't care much for it.

sunday was the day all hell broke loose. i had another breakdown. this one was of the mental kind. i am easily stressed. being unemployed & with the holidays looming, well, i got a little stressed out. i yelled. i bitched. i cried. boy, did i need to cry. "just go bake something, will help make you feel better" is what adam said to me. and, bake i did. two batches of cakeballs. i had every intention of making little santa hats out of the red velvet batch, but i'm no bakerella so i resigned to making regular, ole balls. red velvet covered in white chocolate. vanilla covered in chocolate. again, pictures & recipes will happen later. promise. i decorated those little suckers & made them all purdy. i also managed to get all of the glass ornaments i painted boxed up & ready for teacher gift giving. adam redeemed himself later that afternoon by taking himself & the kids to the mall to do a little christmas shopping for moi. he left with a list & i know i got one thing on the list because i had to guide him {over the phone} through kohl's. oh, and my parents drove home on find 14" of snow waiting to be shoveled in their driveway. better them than me {love you, mom & dad!}.

today. oh, monday. we all woke up late. it was horrible. after shuffling the kids off to school, i made my rounds through target, wal-mart, michael's and a local grocery store. only to come home and find that i had a screw in my tire and i still needed to get to the post office. grrr. i made it to the post office without incident. i nearly had to deck the old man in line behind me because he kept making comments about how i was hogging the automated postage machine. really? i guess he couldn't see the four packages & stack of christmas cards i was trying to mail.

and, now i'm here. sitting at his god-foresaken computer. staring at it's bright screen while my eyes are saying, "holy shit." what i thought was going to be a sissy sinus infection has turned into an ugly monster & i'm miserable. the only reason i'm up now is because the house is quiet...and dark. but this sudafed has got me feeling like 'your highness' so i really shouldn't be operating heavy machinery using the computer. i'm liable to go into some curse word-laden tirade about - what i believe to be - an inappropriate christmas gift for my six year old son {i mean, who gives a six year old a paint ball gun?!}.

anyways, i'll stop here before this blog gets me into trouble again. oh, so scandalous. besides, i need to get some beauty sleep & get my pep back so i can post all of those pictures & yummy recipes i promised.




Blogger Brittany Ann said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well! I developed a nasty bug this weekend, too. I think it's the Christmas stress setting us back! Our immune systems, and our sanity, are under attack!

Dec 22, 2009, 9:47:00 AM  

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