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Saturday, June 26, 2010

been hangin' around.

not much going on in my life at the moment.  been too busy lazy to blog.  i get home from work & i'm just not in the mood to sit at the computer or boot up the lappytop.  i think my current obsession with the cooking channel has something to do with that.  i'm just sayin'...

it's been quiet.  the kids left with my parents on monday.  i'm very blessed that my parents do so much for our children, especially in the summertime {so adam & i don't have to keep them in daycare all. day. long. while we work}.  last night was the first night since they've been gone that i didn't get to speak to them.  they've been having fun & trying to stay cool {it's crazy hot in VA right now}.

work is work.  i'm going back to part-time.  well, it's more like an "i can work 39 hours & 59 minutes a week" part-time.  it's whatever.  i needed to get that full-time monkey off my back because if the work isn't there, i can't fulfill my 40 hour a week obligation & fudging your time card is a big no-no in the industry i work in.  fortunately, it's a situation that everyone at work is cool with.  what i'm still not cool with is my "on call-like" status.  i'm supposed to be at one office two days a week & another office two days a week.  i'm technically off on fridays; however, i could be asked to work at one of the two offices OR now my boss is talking about making fridays a half-day. ugh.  make up your mind.

i have been applying for other jobs.  i love the flexibility of my job, but traffic is killing me {during those days that i work in the other office...the office that is on the other side of the water from me}.  i don't make enough money to sit in two hours worth of traffic just to get home.  it's petty & i realize that, but if i can find a job that is closer to home i would jump ship in a heartbeat.

of course, switching jobs right now when i do have a really understanding boss & flexibility probably isn't exactly feasible because i am going back to school this fall.  classes start august 28th.  i haven't registered yet because the university has to process my re-activation form.  but, it's in the bag, baby.

as of yesterday, i am praying that adam keeps his job.  the company he works for did a layoff.  such is life in the construction industry {especially in recent years}.

we think the pup has dermatitis.  a friend of ours said that his pit bull is allergic to grass {of all things!} and his dog gets the same flaky, eczema-like spots on his belly, too.  i need to call the vet to get a good, concrete diagnosis.  for now, we've been using an antifungal/antibacterial cream on his spots and it's working well.

i think we're beaching it again this weekend.  it's our sunday thang.  did i mention that we saw a whale last week while we were at the beach??  a bunch of us went last sunday for father's day.  we were sitting under the shade tent, the kids were playing in the surf and we looked up and a whale breached it's body out of the water.  there were a couple whales out there, i think.  i wish i had my camera.  even if i did, i doubt i would have caught it.  it was surreal.  we see dolphins all. the. time. but i've never seen a whale {and i've lived in this area for over 20 years}.  adam said it was a right whale.  somebody else thought it was a humpback.  whatever.  we. saw. a. whale!

i lost an uncle just over two weeks ago.  another family member taken by cancer.  he's in heaven & he's reunited with his wife {my daddy's sister lost her battle with cancer a couple years ago}. 

i'm praying for a family member.  and, no, it's not THAT one {if you've been following my drama, then you know who THAT is referring to}.  i can't say much.  actually, i can't say anything at all.  i just hope that our help comes in time and that hope is not lost.

there's more, but this is long & pictureless.

i promise not to be gone so much.  but, i think it's safe to say that we've all hit a blogging low recently.  i'm going to blame the sunshine & hot weather on that.  get up, get out & enjoy the day God made.



Blogger Classy Fab Sarah said...

Amen to blogging lows. There's just so much other stuff going on!

Wish I could head to the beach on Sundays... that would be the best. weekend. ever.

Unfortunately there are not a whole lot of beaches in Indiana...

Jun 26, 2010, 9:07:00 AM  
Blogger Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

It sounds like you really need a Sunday Beach day. A whale? That is crazy!

Just enjoy the down time in the evenings, especially with the kiddos gone! I don't think I would be blogging either!

Jun 26, 2010, 4:04:00 PM  

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