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Stuttering Shell: january sponsor "shout out!" {part one}

Monday, January 9, 2012

january sponsor "shout out!" {part one}

if you haven't already noticed the new sponsor tab, please go check it out! 

i'm very excited to share some good news with you all...stuttering shell is now accepting sponsors! after contemplating the idea for a long while, i decided to take the leap & the response has been overwhelming. i have ten awesome sponsors and i cannot wait to introduce them to you. some you may already know. some you may not. at any rate, please join me in welcoming my sponsors for the month of january {you'll see them in february, too!}.

meet ashlee from on the front porch looking in.
"i am an antique, football loving nebraska girl. i am planning my may wedding while still balancing life as it comes. i have two fur-babies, bella and khloe, who are cats but act like dogs. i work in marketing and advertising and love to be creative. i blog about my everyday life, the fur-kids and my occasional crafting projects. this past year i started a scarf and nail polish swap with jessica from you are my color."
please check out ashlee's blog & show her some love.
i adore the relationship i've formed with ashlee in such a short time. she's genuine, y'all.
ashlee is considering going back to school {hmm...sounds like someone i know!}. she loves nail polish and wastes time on is inspired by pinterest {we all drank that kool-aid}. oh, and she's an apple product junkie...which i know nuffin' about. unfortunately, she's currently searching for a new forever job, so let's all give her some love & encouragement.
like what you see? you can also follow ashlee on the twit as well as on facebook.


i have been following full circle foodie  for what feels like forever. there are many keys to my heart. one of them? baked goods. kimmie is my source for baking inspiration & i am envious of her baking skills. kimmie is a damn good baker and that's probably why she's also a featured publisher for foodbuzz and a correspondent for cupcakes take the cake.
from kimmie's "about" page...
"i am a texan to the core whose adventures have led me full circle back to the west coast where it all began."

kimmie uses her blog to share "adventures in living, loving and baking."
you must not miss her scrumptious sundays posts. and, a visit to kimmie's blog is NOT complete without seeing what the gabby monster is up to.
please check out kimmie's blog & show her some love.
like what you see? you can also follow kimmie on the twit as well as on facebook.
and, psst...kimmie also sells scentsy.

krysten is, without a doubt, adorable. but, if you ask her, she's weird. good thing she writes the blog why girls are weird, huh? 
krysten is "a daughter, sister, doggy mommy, writer, blogger, student, bookworm, candy lover, server, and tv addict." she loves coffee {me, too!} and the internet {me, too!}. krysten also loves to keep things organized, reading & being happy. krysten's blog is an enjoyable read for me & i'm so glad that my quest for sponsors has lead me to her blog. her writing style is laid back & it's so refreshing to read. besides, krysten is participating in a 30 day harry potter challenge {clearly, i need to get in on that}.
please check out krysten's blog. you'll love it. promise.
like what you see? you can also follow krysten on the twit as well as on facebook.

meet cheryl from naptime is the new happy hour...

"It's Happy Hour! I'm Cheryl over at Nap Time Is The New Happy Hour. I am a full-time working mama (I am a paralegal) who is also trying to find her balance between working, trying to be a spectacular wife, follower of the Lord, and amazing mom to my sweet face 1-year-old boy. I have FINALLY found my balance...It took me a whole year to figure it out. Oh well, at least I KINDA know what i'm doing around here now and am loving the life that being a momma and wife entails.
Despite working my butt off constantly, I love to SHOP!! On any given Saturday you can find me walking around the mall or downtown with C after having a yummy mexican lunch with the hubby. On Nap Time Is The New Happy Hour I dish about my current fashion obsessions, drool-worthyblogs, beautiful design  inspiration, amazing deals, and great finds. I love me some classic, AnnTaylor as well as some fun, fresh Forever 21. Now that this mama has finally gotten back to her pre-pregnancy weight, watch out! I haven't shopped for clothes for myself in more then 21 months and am more then ready to stock up my closet.
Feel free to e-mail me if you ever have inquiries about the DIY projects I do, concerns or questions as a new mom (trust me, I've been there), or if you want to link up your blog with mine!  I am more than willing to discuss anything and can't wait to hear from you. Welcome to Happy Hour. Cheers!"
y'all, i'm not gonna lie...cheryl is awesome. the girl can accessorize which is something this mama can't do. cheryl recently celebrated her birthday, so check out her blog & show her some love!
like what you see? you can also follow cheryl on the twit as well as on facebook.

meet megg from the life of a not so desperate housewife.
megg is a librarian looking for a library who currently works with kids in an after school program. that job requires her to play mancala & monopoly. awesome! megg also enjoys reading, cross-stitching, knitting & scrapbooking. megg lives on the west coast in seattle with her husband and two crazy kitties. megg's blog is a lovely slice of the internet pie, if you ask me. she writes about a lot of things, but also writes about a subject that is near & dear to her heart: depression. more specifically...her depression. megg sheds light on what it's like to live with depression & lets her readers know that depression is not a taboo subject.
megg's blog will not disappoint, so go visit megg's blog right now.
you can also follow megg on the twit, too.
did you know that megg has an etsy shop, too? this mama loves her some etsy.

please check out megg's etsy shop & start making a list of your favorite items.
use the code FREESHIP10 for free shipping!

so as not to overwhelm y'all...i'll share my other five sponsors in a separate blog post. in the meantime, please check out these five fabulous bloggers and don't forget to check out the pretty jewelry that megg creates

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Blogger Ashlee Miller said...

So excited for the opportunity to sponsor your blog! I love the relationship I have developed with you during this sort amount of time!

Jan 9, 2012, 6:07:00 PM  
Blogger Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

This is so fun! Thank you for the shout out... now I'm off to meet all your other sponsors!

Jan 9, 2012, 9:06:00 PM  
Blogger Kimmie Schiffel said...

You're too sweet. You're also welcome in my kitchen any time!

Jan 10, 2012, 2:05:00 AM  
Blogger Ashley said...

Oh lord now I'll never get anything done during nap time! Thanks for the new reads!

Jan 10, 2012, 8:35:00 PM  

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