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Stuttering Shell: Aragog

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


For those of you who are hooked on Harry Potter like I am, you will know the name Aragog. You know, the big spider that lives in the cave deep in the Forbidden Forest. He was once a pet of Hagrid's and it was all of Aragog's descendents who started in on the castle once the Chamber of Secrets was opened. Yeah, that's the one -- the big, fuzzy spider that tried to eat Ron and Harry when they happened upon his cave. Yep.


Well, I've never seen a spider that big before (and they do come in all shapes and sizes in my house) but I have seen many teeny spiders -- kind of like all of the other spiders that live with Aragog in the cave. Many, many teeny spiders. And, when spiders have babies they don't just have one, two or ten...they have hundreds.

And, for now, they must have taken up residence somewhere in my master bathroom because our shower looked just like the cave from the Harry Potter movie. Well, not really, but you get the point. Little baby spiders everywhere. Where were they coming from? I have a hunch (pssst...perhaps it's the lack of baseboards in my bathroom since every project Adam does is always "half finished"). Adam doesn't think so. I blame it all on him. It was his project that was left unfinished, so it just has to be his fault for the recent influx of arachnids. It just HAS to be.



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