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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Things that suck:

  • My mortgage sucks -- and I'm curious to see what happens to GMAC in light of today's most recent drop in the stock market.
  • My mortgage's interest rate sucks -- yeah, ARM's are bullshit people...bullshit -- seriously, if the economy is do damn cruddy then why is my rate going up?
  • Our finances suck. Well, now we're getting into personal territory that I'm not quite ready to share with everyone on the 'net. But, just like any other person out there I am in debt. Shocker, huh?
  • This headache sucks -- this up & down weather that we seem to always have this time of year is causing my sinuses to go apeshit.
  • Laundry sucks. I love clothes -- I just hate to wash, fold and put it all away.
  • My organization skills suck -- I need "Clean Sweep" to come to my that even on TLC anymore?
  • My paper shredder sucks, so I'll just blame a good portion of my lack of organization on the paper shredder. It's prehistoric.
  • Work sucks. Not my job, but just working for a living in general...sometimes. I want to get paid a gazillion dollars like athletes and movies stars for doing something that I love to do.
  • Snoring sucks -- and Adam does it well.

To be continued...

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