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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Be my Valentine?

It's almost Valentine's Day. The kids have been coming home from school with information about the school dance (held on, of all days, Friday the 13th). Information about class parties will start coming home which means I will be headed to the store to buy pre-made cupcakes and cookies (even though I love to bake I do look for the easy way out sometimes!).

The kids will also exchange Valentine's with their classmates. A list of names has already come home. Wait, make that TWO lists. I haven't received a third one...yet. Perhaps we won't. Anyway, my point is this -- the kids are encouraged to write their friends' names on the cards themselves. One name caught my eye....I'm sure it will catch yours, too:


(I was shocked to hear how it is pronounced and even more shocked that I know someone who has even heard of the name....I'm just sayin'.......)



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