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Stuttering Shell: One month down...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

One month down...

Just some random musings from the Chissler household...

  • My son pulled dental floss out of his PJ bottoms tonight. I knew he didn't want to share the dental floss with his sister, but really...was it necessary to hide it in your pants, Aidan??
  • Adam swears that laying Rockcast stone pieces is much easier than raking pine needles -- I guess the 8 lawn size garbage bags full at our curb are proof of that.
  • I'm not so sure about these honey-blonde highlights. I feel weird being even slightly blonde. I have a back-up box of hair dye...just in case.
  • I love it when I get sick courtesy of my children.
  • Waiting three and a half hours for a state inspection on the last day of the month pays off -- it was free. Hooray!
  • I find myself at Target and/or Wal-Mart every damn weekend. Every. Damn. Weekend.
  • Our 7th wedding anniversary is in 22 days. I reminded Adam that gerbera daisies are my favorite and that, according to today's paper, they are "in."
  • I'm excited -- I get to bartend on Friday at the Ducks Unlimited function in Elizabeth City, NC. We could use some extra cash.
  • I'm so glad that football season is officially over with -- as soon as the Super Bowl is finished.
  • That being said, I dug out my Dale, Jr. ballcap today -- NASCAR is about to begin, folks!
  • It's amazing how wonderful my kids truly are -- I felt absolutely horrible yesterday and, even though I was really warm from a fever, the kids came and snuggled next to me and put their cold little hands on my forehead to make me feel a little bit better.
  • The dryer stopped -- I guess I need to go continue my date with the laundry.



Blogger Rebecca Rodgers said...

I'm also loving the sick courtesy of demon hellspawn.

If you're gonna be at Target/Walmart every weekend-may as well get one of them to hire you! ;)
Target carries method...just saying.

Feb 1, 2009, 11:28:00 PM  

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