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Monday, March 9, 2009

I want my hour back!

This weekend was rough. Who knew the whole daylight savings thing would hit me as hard as it did. We got through Friday and Saturday just fine, but waking up Sunday morning was painful! OK, maybe not painful...more like sheer torture.

I hardly ever sleep in anymore, but Sunday morning was the exception. My body simply did not want to accept the fact that a precious hour of sleep had been taken away. Although it was nearly 11am, my poor body was screaming on the inside, "It's only 10am...let us rest!!" As a result, I was thrown off for the rest of the day. And, I wasn't the only one. Every time Malia looked at the clock she would remark about how we were an hour ahead of the time compared to the day before. That child was quite interested in the concept of daylight savings time and how and why we had to abide by it. Oy.

So, we went about our day. Adam and I did yard work...taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and the extra day light. Aidan spent the day with his friend, Shane, and Malia played outside all day...taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and the extra day light. Slight chaos ensued when we all came inside to wash up and get dinner started...what do you mean it's already 7pm?! Holy crap. The kids need to shower and be in bed at's a school night!!

Needless to say, dinner wasn't fixed in 30 minutes a la Rachael Ray. Barbeque chicken takes some time, especially for "Grill Master Flex Adam." Trying to convince a 5 year old that he needs to shower before dinner takes some time, too. So, maybe our Sunday evening didn't turn out as it usually does given the time change and all, but things did manage to go smoothly. Of course, it was darn near 9:30pm before our kids were finally fed, showered and ready for bed. I was not thrilled about them heading to bed nearly an hour off schedule, but Adam, "Mr. Go with the Flow," kindly pointed out that technically they were right on schedule. True, considering their little bodies were probably thinking it was only 8:20pm when it was really 9:20pm. OK, so maybe this time change isn't so bad after all.

Well, that was last night...

This morning I truly believe that Malia & Aidan and their inner time clocks finally realized that they, too, were robbed of an hour because getting ready for school this morning was a test of the nerves. Why would they want to get up at 7am knowing that deep down it was only 6am?! Their little bodies didn't want to get started on the day...kind of like how my body was not functioning on Sunday.

Can we please have our hour back? Pretty please? We enjoy the extra hour of daylight, but we could all really use that hour. Thanks. :)

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