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Stuttering Shell: Is this week really over??

Friday, March 6, 2009

Is this week really over??

You don't know how badly I am ready for this week to be over with. It's been ridiculous.

First of all, I cannot seem to shake the fatigue. That's mostly due to the fact that this stupid head cold has me up all night either coughing up a lung or shooting what I'm convinced is my brain out of my nose. My poor nose. So much skin has fallen off of it this past week that I'm surprised that I even have a nose left...ah, well, I guess it's just good and exfoliated. Of course, the drowsiness could also stem from the fact that I've been eating the Tussicaps prescribed to me like candy. Well, no, not really, but the codeine makes me feel all warm & fuzzy on the inside and really K.O.'s my cough.

Of course, this cold could just be some twisted punishment from God for picking up my sick child from school last week, but still keeping my wax appointment and vacation plans. Yeah. Daycare called (son only does half-day kindergarten) and said he was running a fever. I picked him up, drove back to work, put him in the care of the receptionist (who is also our cousin...thank goodness I work for a wonderful, family-oriented company!) and the proceeded to speed to my appointment at Spa Phoenix to get my brows waxed. Don't worry...all of you parents out there who are tsk, tsk, tsking me right now can rest assured that I called our pediatrician when I got back to the office (after a side trip to Arby's for my FREE lunch...hello!) and got him an appointment with the nurse practitioner that very same afternoon. The prognosis? Strep throat. What did I end up doing? I called my mother to warn her, picked up the antibiotic and then still got on an airplane the very next morning for Cancun.

This is why I feel as if I'm being punished.

But, the cold could stem from the fact that it was, oh, in the 40s when we left Virginia, in the 80s while we were in Cancun and then in the freaking 20s and snowing when we got to Atlanta. Nah. I was sick as a dog before we even got on the airplane...or at least close to it. I guess I'll stick with the punishment from God theory.

Anyway, as if being sick wasn't bad enough, how about having your five hour layover turn into a two & a half day layover? Yep. There was no way in hell we were going to get out of Atlanta. Not with the crippling snowstorm and all (how funny is it that the sun was shining just an hour after we landed in Atlanta...and our flight had already been cancelled). When we were finally able to get on a flight headed for home, I was:
  • t-i-r-e-d -- I did not sleep at all while we were in Atlanta. No matter what I took or how hard I tried, sleep was not going to be my friend while we stayed at the Red Roof Inn.
  • o-v-e-r it -- By Tuesday I was ready to be home. Heck, I should have been home. But, no, it had to go and snow BEFORE we even left Cancun.
  • d-o-n-e -- Going back to work the very same day that you've returned from being out of town is never a good idea. Especially when you're sick, haven't had a shower and have been in the same pair of jeans for three days. Ew.

The only good thing is that once we got home the rest of the week did go by fast. And, now that I've seen my doctor I'm starting to feel a bit better. But, I'm still tired.

Who knew two days would do this to me? I'm turning into a weenie. Of course, whenever the quantity of alcoholic beverages consumed is greater than the total number of hours that you've slept, well, I guess it's to be assumed that you'll need some recuperation once the fun is all said & done. :)

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