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Stuttering Shell: The Weekend in a Whirlwind

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Weekend in a Whirlwind

It's hard to believe that we're nearly halfway through the month of June - nearly halfway through the YEAR - and, as usual, another weekend has come and gone. I truly believe that weekends are not long enough. They never are. I believe - with all of my heart - that the work week needs to be shortened and the weekends need to be lengthened (anybody with me on this...ya think Congress would go for it??).

So, here's a recap of the whirlwind that was my weekend:
  • Friday was the boy's birthday. We took him out for dinner (I just didn't think it would be right of me to go to the George Strait concert on my lil' man's birthday) and, thank goodness, we talked him out of dinner at McDonald's! We were able to persuade him into going to Atlas for dinner - it had been a long while since we last ate there - and he enjoyed a chocolate milkshake and fried shrimp for dinner.
  • We got home from dinner right as my parents got to my house. They were back from a week-long stay in Mississippi where they visited my Daddy's family. I wish I could have's been far too long since I last went home to Mississippi.
  • Saturday was a busy day. Adam got up bright & early to do some yard work. My Daddy took care of the kids while my Mom & I did a few things around the house. God bless my parents who helped me out tremendously on Saturday morning getting the house straight for Aidan's birthday party that afternoon. After some cleaning, my Mom & I decided to head out and run a few errands which - go figure - included a side trip to the mall! We also ended up going to Trader Joe's and to Wal-Mart for some last minute party supplies - my Mom & I looked like fools walking out of Wal-Mart with a cart full of ice and Bud Light! While we were in Wal-Mart, the sky decided to open up and we spent the remainder of the afternoon (up until party time) with our faces glued to The Weather Channel's website checking the radar and hoping that the random thunderstorm would quickly pass - fortunately, it did and it cooled things off which made for the perfect party/BBQ weather!
  • The birthday party/BBQ was a success and I took a few pictures which will be uploaded sooner or later. Aidan had a blast with his friends, no one had a hungry belly and fun was had by all. A friend of ours told us that we put on "the best kids party...ever!" I don't know if it was the cupcakes, the kalbi ribs or maybe it was the rum shots. Yeah, maybe it was the rum shots.
  • My Sunday started bright & early - I heard the hubs getting dressed. He decided to go fishing after all. Was I surprised? Not really. Did I tell you how much I love having my parents around? I managed to sleep until 10am which is a rarity in this household. I got up, showered and dressed and then we headed out for dim sum. We ate until our bellies swelled.
  • Things got a bit tense towards the late afternoon when I got a phone call about a friend of ours who was in a motorcycle accident - thank goodness he is OK. He is home & he is recovering from some gnarly road rash. My heart is still racing thinking about the frantic phone call, though.

So, this brings me to now - the kids are snoozing, the laundry is drying and the hubs, well, the hubs is at work. *sigh* This past week has been different. I'm not used to the hubs pulling 15+ hour days. I'm not used to him not being home for dinner. I'm not used to going to sleep at night without him. But, he has an important bid on Tuesday and he wants to be prepared, so I'm absolutely supportive of him & what he does.

Tomorrow is Monday. I don't do Monday's. But, I'll be announcing the TWO WINNERS of my latest giveaway and also announcing another fabulous giveaway. Tomorrow also marks the very last week of school - summer vacation is right around the corner. And, of course, before I know it, the weekend will be here once again.

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Blogger Lis said...

I'm so glad the party went well!!! And best kids party ever is seriously a fabulous compliment!! You should be so proud!! :)

And I'm so glad that your friend is ok!

Good luck to the hubs on Tuesday with the bid!! I hope it goes great!! Have a good Monday..and I feel you...I don't do Monday's either!!!

Jun 14, 2009, 11:37:00 PM  
Blogger MLG said...

WOW~sounds like a great, great weekend. Post some pictures of the big party when you get a chance. The rum shots??? We need to be invited to your birthdays! :) Have a great luck and we're thinking of you husband and the big bid! Keep us posted!

Jun 15, 2009, 9:30:00 AM  

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