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Monday, December 14, 2009

pup montage.

frisky whiskey.
sir muttley.
the puplet.
sir poops-a-lot.
that dog!
stinky butt.
frisco whisko.
sir licks-a-lot.
don juan.


it's been a while since sweet frisco's presence graced my blog. he will be six months old on saturday.

as a wee pup, he was part of the 'disney litter' and the breeder gave him the name, goofy. he sure is goofy. and, how fitting that he was in the 'disney litter' because he's got mickey on his paw {just tilt your head to the left}:

a little up close & personal...and slightly out of focus as i figure out my new camera:

looking very handsome in his {needs to be washed} katie & olive collar from puppy love collars {i got the i.d. tag that slides onto his collar from boomerang tags}:

please don't mind the mess...we were blogging cleaning...

that profile...those ears! oh, how i love frisco's ears {they were not surgically enhanced in any way...they just stand on their own!}.

frisco decided that cleaning off the desk was too much of a chore...

"come on, ma...let's forget about this cleaning and go play...or take a nap."

our lives have changed since getting a dog. changed in more ways than one. but, little frisco has brought so much joy to our lives...we couldn't imagine living a day without him.

oh, and as for his eye {you can kind of see the scar in the photo's on the right eye (his left eye)}...he's doing quite well. his eye has healed nicely. it's been months since we last saw the veterinary ophthalmologist & we will return in january for a follow-up visit. so far, so good...

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Blogger The Novelista Barista said...

awe! soooo so cute!!!

Dec 14, 2009, 4:46:00 PM  

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