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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A $350 lesson...

So, it has been decided that A will attend school with M -- registering him for Kindergarten is not a problem and I already have afterschool care arrangements made for him (I just have to get the registration paid for and then we're good to go).

The plus side of A & M going to school together is that they will be together. They can ride the schoolbus together in the morning and I won't be busting my butt to make sure two kids get to two different schools in the morning anymore. Another bonus is that M will not be attending before school care like orginially planned. That's always nice and keeps her day from being so long.

The downside of A going to school with M is that back in February I had to put a deposit down for A's spot in the Kindergarten class at Rollingwood Academy. A $350 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. I've already called the school, faxed them a letter and mailed them a letter letting them know what our plans our and that Aidan will be withdrawing from the school effective immediately. I'm hoping that at least some of the deposit will be refunded to me considering that I've given them ample time (school doesn't start for another two months), but we'll see.



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