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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The credit edit...

A friend of ours has filed for bankruptcy. The big 'B' word. The scarlet letter that shows on your credit report and lets everyone know that you are a hot mess when it comes to credit worthiness. It's not for everyone, but what really amazed me was how honest he was about his problems and also how clueless he is about his problems at the very same time. His whole situation made me put mine (well, our) credit issues (a.k.a. debt) into perspective. I'm not one to air out my dirty laundry and post daily about our progress towards financial freedom (a.k.a. a debt-free lifestyle) nor do I discuss ever about how wonderful the last couple of years have been in our debt management program with the bank. Never. I can't be like Karyn from savekaren [dot] com who was painfully upfront and personal about her financial issues -- lucky for her, the internet allowed her to pay off her debts with the help of strangers and also helped her become a lil' bit famous. But, what I can be is even more focused on our goal. I can keep working harder and be thankful that, while at one point things got a bit hairy for us, we did not have to succumb to the big 'B' to make things right.



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